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A native of Germany, I came to the United States in the 1960's. 
Since then I've had two mid-life crises: in the course of the first one I received a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.  I love to read and this course of studies fit me well. I taught at several colleges and universities in Birmingham for some years.
During my second midlife crisis I went back to school, received a Master's in therapy and counseling from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and eventually a license as a therapist - an LPC in Alabama. Along the way I became fascinated by the psychology of C.G. Jung, the Swiss psychologist and one time collaborator of Sigmund Freud's. He said something along the lines that the meaning and beauty of life is made from the many fateful detours and failures we experience. I was able to go to Switzerland and train at the Institute in Zürich. The training took 4 plus years and I received my diploma as Analytical Psychologist from the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich.  
My special interests are in myths and fairy tales and how the Jungian psychological work includes these in analysis. This was a natural fit with my Ph.D. in Medieval Literature. It fascinates me how the archetypal material embodied there continues to play itself out. For example: a client recently dreamed of cracking an egg into a bowl and some of the shell pieces ended up in the bowl and she fished them out. We learned that this referred quite directly and beautifully to the liminal time she finds herself in and that this time of betwixt and between can be rather messy. As a hen broods over her egg so we brooded in our session over her dream. The work with dreams amplifies these archetypal connections that then can help access the healing power of the unconscious - on a collective as well as personal level.  
By now I am a senior Jungian analyst and part of the faculty for two IRSJA training seminars: Memphis/Atlanta and New Orleans where we train prospective Jungian analysts here in the United States. I also return regularly to the Institute in Zürich to present seminars and papers there. I enjoy giving lectures, seminars, workshops and conduct retreats here in the United States as well as abroad. I see clients for therapy and analysis in my private practice in Birmingham, AL.
On a more personal note: I have four children and three grandchildren whom I love. I swim, do yoga, walk my dog and putter around in my garden a lot. 

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