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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • 816 Hawthorne St., Houston, Texas, 77006
  • Phone: 713 461-7599 x1
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It takes courage to decide to come to therapy and it may be uncomfortable at first to talk about personal things with someone you just met. Finding a psychotherapist who is a good fit for you can make the process more effective.  I am a positive, down-to-earth and compassionate therapist with 25 years of experience helping people navigate life's challenges. 
Many people I work with are facing a difficult life situation such as grief or loss. Others find themselves at a crossroads in life, exploring choices in career or relationships.  Most of my clients are very motivated to make changes that will significantly improve their lives.  Therapy usually involves some challenging work.  But the results can be more energy, peacefulness and deeper connections with loved ones.
Couples work is an important part of my practice.  Some couples come to me for help getting over a rough patch in a good relationship, while others come with their marriage on the line.  Either way, I can help you understand what's not working and to learn some practical tools for a resilient relationship.  You may also stretch and grow as individuals.  From the first time we meet, I will strive to understand both of you and your lives together as well as what you both want. I have specialized training as well as many years of experience in working with couples.  Yet I will always respect the uniqueness of your relationship.
If you have a very active business and home life that makes it difficult to come to therapy sessions, I offer customized VIP services for couples.  In a half-day format, we can make significant progress.  This experience is designed for each couple's special needs and offers more privacy than a traditional couples workshop/retreat. 
I have been training and supervising master's level therapists for over twenty years.  I am licensed by the state as a supervisor for Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.  I find that working with these beginning professionals helps me to keep my thinking fresh and my mind open to learning new approaches.  This mentoring is also a way to "pay it forward" and to honor my own teachers. 

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