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My Approach:
There are many reasons to come to therapy, and usually a person begins because something is bothering them. I believe everyone brings their unique strengths to the therapeutic process, as well as issues they would like to work on and resolve.  Through therapy you will learn to utilize your personal strengths to work towards your goals, as well as improving the things that challenge you.  My approach is warm and collaborative and I seek to provide an individualized therapy to meet each person's specific needs and goals.   I also teach clients various techniques to manage stress, anxiety, depression and other issues they face so that they can use them to feel better both in therapy, and on their own.  I offer both long-term and shorter term therapies depending on a client's individual needs and preferences. 

My specialties include anxiety disorders (including panic attacks, specific and generalized anxieties, OCD), depression, eating disorders (including emotional eating and binge eating), personality disorders, pre and post-natal issues, as well as relationships.  I also offer parenting guidance and training to help parents address the challenges of raising children and teens and ways to improve the process.
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker offering psychotherapy in my private practice in Manhattan and Long Island where I work with teens, adults, couples, and families.  I received my LCSW at Fordham University and have trained in Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, personality disorders,  and eating disorders.  In addition, I have presented at several national and international conferences on various topics as well as published articles as well.  I also offer phone sessions to clients who may find them useful and beneficial in between therapy sessions.   I am also a Licenced Yoga Teachers, and when it is useful I can incorporate mindfulness and other techniques to help clients feel better, calmer, and more centered.
Benefits of Therapy:
Therapy has many benefits including: improving quality of life, your ability to handle stress, anxiety, anger, and other negative feelings, developing more positive coping strategies, more satisfying relationships with loved ones, family, and romantic relationships, improving motivation and ways mobilize yourself towards your goals, better understanding your feelings, learning ways to utilize your strengths, and others.
Fee structure:  
I also believe that therapy should be accessible to everyone, and for this reason, I also have a sliding scale fee structure for clients who may need a lower fee. 

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