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Counseling is a practice I both treasure and grow from. It is a unique and genuine relationship I get to have with my clients who bring their fears, frustrations, disappointments and sorrows into session as we work to heal the past and bring hope to the future. I love seeing client's strengths as well as finding new areas where they can overcome struggles. I'm human too, and in therapy, you will get my genuine self- laughter as well as tears.
I have been a therapist for nine years and love seeing my clients with a new found joy and clarity for their lives. When someone comes in for therapy, they are overwhelmed, discouraged, confused, sometimes hopeless. But even after the first session, clients already have a new hope, a hope that they are stronger than their "problem" and that it doesn't have to define them. Even if their circumstances can't change, they are stronger than their circumstances and can overcome it. 
Among my specific areas of expertise are working with those with depression or anxiety; both adults and teens healing after a divorce; walking with people after a great personal loss; coping skills for handling adult ADD/ADHD; women dealing with postpartum depression; finding a healthy work-life balance; dealing with negative body image; growing through transitions like moving, marriage and job change. Many people I work with consider themselves to be strong and capable people but have found themselves in a confusing time. When we work together, we build on what is good and challenge where they can grow. 
Initially, our work together is centered on relieving the inner pain and frustration you are feeling. Secondarily, we work together to help you understand how the struggle developed in the first place so you are prepared to handle similar situations and feelings in the future. My ultimate goal is not only a healing of the original problem, but cultivating a fullness and peace of character and personal self-worth.  In order for counseling to be meaningful and effective, it should not only help relieve the presenting symptoms and suffering, but it must also expose the complex and largely hidden desires and motives of the heart.  
I work from a blended approach using techniques from the counseling theories of Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic, and Solution-Focused. Broken down into simple terms, this means our sessions will entail developing an understanding of what has made you the person you are by looking at your family of origin, confronting the lies and damaging thoughts that run through your mind and replacing them with healthier truths—all this while believing you are capable of real change in your life. I also appreciate using ACT- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This framework address the beliefs one holds without judgement, but then asks the person to consider how they are being held back by those beliefs, and then to move forward in bravery. I also practice Lifespan Integration.

Additionally, I regularly work with Christians who want to bring their Christian faith into the counseling process.
I am a member of the American Counseling Association and regularly go to trainings to stay current on new research and clinically proven ways to help clients address their concerns. 

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