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Counseling in Hillsboro, Oregon for trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, grief/loss, and relationship problems.

Are you experiencing emotional distress that leaves you feeling depleted?
Do you find yourself repeating old patterns that keep you feeling stuck?
Do you often feel stressed & overwhelmed by all of life’s demands and worries?
Do you feel chronically sad and empty desiring something more for your life?
Have you experienced past trauma or abuse that you have not been able to move beyond?
Do you avoid uncomfortable or painful feeling with alcohol/drugs/food/sex/relationships etc.?

Psychotherapy can help you get “unstuck” in the various areas of your life and move forward into greater fulfillment and success. It can provide a path to learn healthy ways to deal with life’s problems, find increased satisfaction in relationships, enhance one’s overall well-being, and find healing from past hurts. It can allow you to create a new story for your life. Psychotherapy is one of the most effective ways to facilitate personal change.
My life’s calling is to help individuals who have experienced ‘soul wounds’ to heal through therapeutically creative avenues. I am dedicated to supporting one to become free from the barriers that hinder one from moving into his or her full potential.

APPROACH & SPECIALTY: My approach is collaborative and relational and I draw upon several theoretical strategies for change such as cognitive-behavioral, sensorimotor (body-oriented therapy), motivational interviewing, and psychodynamic. In addition, I have specialized training in Expressive Arts therapy and offer this as an adjunctive modality as well. The process of change to which I subscribe involves processing the trauma or feelings, changing negative thinking patterns, and developing new skills.

My areas of specialty include trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, grief/loss, and adoption-related issues.
EDUCATION: I earned a Master’s degree in Counseling from Santa Clara University in 1999. I then went on to pursue my Masters of Social Worker degree at San Diego State University in 2003. I am licensed by the State of Oregon (OR L#5719) as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to practice psychotherapy.

CLINICAL EXPERIENCE: I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of clinical setting over the past twenty years to include the following: Mental Health Outpatient treatment (Kaiser Permanente), Medical Social Work, Inpatient Psychiatric Services, a Domestic Violence agency, Foster Care agency, and School based counseling.

LOCATION: 351 NE 80th Avenue * Hillsboro, OR 97006

CONTACT: 925.222.1568 or email: karennamlcsw@gmail.com; website: www.karennamlcsw.com

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