Karen Turner, LMFT, DAPA

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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor
  • 5941 So. Emporia Cir., Englewood, Colorado, 80111
  • Phone: 303-726-0847
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  • Session Fees: $130 to $140 per session
  • www.ElderWisdom.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, Webcam

Psychotherapy is about connecting with and trusting the authentic Self.  Together we create a relationship in which you can feel safe enough to deeply explore your inner experiences and move towards healing the trauma in your life.


My focus is Jungian/Transpersonal Therapy and I work in-person, by phone, chat or by email to help you turn your life or situation around. What most of us need is compassion and empathy for our suffering. You do not have to struggle alone feeling that there is no help or understanding for you.

I help people deal with anxieties and deep concerns of purpose and meaning in their lives. I also work with severe trauma that has occurred recently or comes from the past. The work is often seen as connecting to your soul and find what nurtures you there.

My focus is aging as a Spiritual Awakening, and I have more information on my website, www.ElderWisdom.com, which addresses these concerns. I work with people in person or at a distance using phone, chat or emails.

Diplomate with the American Psychotherapy Association.  

Clinical Member American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy – Licensed in the state of Colorado and was licensed in Calif. For 25 years before this.

Certified Professional Coach

Taught at JFK University for seven years and helped to develop this program which was one of the very first in the world in Transpersonal Psychology.

  Have presented lectures at many conferences such as the Transpersonal Association, Humanistic Association, Intuition Development and others

Did many workshops at such places as Esalen, many universities 

Facilitated a number of staffs at such places as the Center of Attitudinal Healing, Marin Aids Project, and Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Have meditated for past 35+ years and have been to many retreats, vision quests and such

Studied Basque Mysticism with Angeles Arrien for many years and worked with Anne Armstrong to learn intuition development and teaching such.  Have studied the Course in Miracles in depth. 


“Aging as a Spiritual Awakening” which was originally published in the Spiritual Emergency Network magazine as “Midlife Crisis as a Spiritual Awakening.”

“Relationships as a Spiritual Practice” which was originally published in the Yoga Journal.

  Am now working on a number of eBooks which will be available on my new website:   www.ElderWisdom.com

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