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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 1525 West Lewis St. , San Diego, California, 92103
  • Phone: (858) 603-8921
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  • Session Fees: My standard rate is $140 per 50-minute session. I provide a sliding scale rate for those who need it and when lower rate space is available. I am also an out-of-network provider for Tricare West.
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Do you hear the longings inside wondering if there is something better for you? Can there be more healing and freedom from those painful places? I believe the longings do not go away when ignored or stuffed down, but are rather meant to keep us searching. If you feel stuck in harmful patterns of relating to others and ways of thinking that significantly impact daily life, I would consider it an honor to join you in finding new ways of being. 

Together we can pinpoint the places that hurt and uncover wounds that may have been buried. Generally, the way I guide this process is by considering unresolved issues in the past (or present) and the characteristics of important relationships. These both can contribute to how we currently relate to others (and ourselves) and influence our daily choices. I believe that when we become more clear and aware about the impact of past (and present) hurts, they hold far less power over our present and future. 

I have valuable experience working with women of all ages, families, teens, and children with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, transitions, and abuse (verbal, physical, sexual, and emotional). 

I am also a Registered Play Therapist (RPT) and help younger children navigate difficult transitions, trauma, grief, and separation/divorce through the use of toys and play. Play therapy helps children learn to communicate with others, process, understand and express their feelings, develop problem solving skills and improve behavior. I work closely with parents to create an emotionally safe atmosphere in their home to promote a secure bond with their child. 


Theories of Influence & Experience


Trauma Informed Care- An approach that aims to engage people with histories of trauma, recognize the presence of trauma symptoms, and acknowledge the role that trauma has played in their lives.


Victims of Domestic Violence and other abuse - Women's Resource Center in Oceanside, CA...providing trauma informed therapy for women and children who experienced various types of relational trauma and transition 


Play Therapy - Engaging children in the therapeutic process with the use of toys and play. This honors their developmental level and natural way of communicating and learning.


Grief and Loss - Working with bereaved individuals and families at San Diego Hospice




Association for Play Therapy 

 Personally speaking, I am a San Diego native and will likely never leave. I hate to be cold and enjoy a warm beverage in my hands throughout the day. In my free time I can be found tinkering around in my garden, laughing at my husband's mostly funny jokes, force-snuggling my dog, and marveling at my daughter as she grows. 

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