Katherine Tomkinson, M.Sc., RP, RMFT

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I have been a therapist and clinical supervisor in family service agencies and private practice for twenty years. I have also worked as a Clinical Supervisor, Instructor and Manager in the University of Guelph's Master's degree Couple and Family Therapy Training Program and Centre. This range of experiences has provided me with the skills required to help people dealing with a diverse range of life's challenges and those who simply want to live a more fulfilling life.The services I can provide include:
  • Individual, Couple or Family Therapy
  • Sex therapy for individuals or couples
  • Addictions assessments and counselling
  • Clinical supervision and consultations for therapists, including those requiring supervision by an AAMFT Approved Supervisor.

Understanding, non-judgmental and collaborative, I want to help and support you to live a life and to have relationships that are in keeping with what's most precious to you -  your values, hopes, dreams and intentions.

I am skilled in and have taught many models of therapy including Systemic and other Family therapies, Emotionally-focused couples therapy, EMDR, Solution Focused therapy, and Cognitive-BehaviouraI therapy (CBT), I am most influenced by Narrative Therapy. I have seen amazing change in people when they begin to question the accuracy of the negative stories about themselves that have adversely impacted their lives.  Narrative Therapy is a strength-based, collaborative approach to dealing with problems, to improving one's outlook on life or helping to explore and connect with the values, intensions, hopes and dreams that are precious to you so that you might more fully live them out.

Furthermore, I am committed to social justice,  and I honour all forms of diversity. With understanding and compassi
on, I work from a perspective which honours the knowledge of those with whom I consult.

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