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As each person is unique, I integrate a range of modalities into my work, organised around a relational, attachment-based framework. Having trained in the UK, where a rigorous licensure process has a long tradition, I am experienced in a wide range of issues that bring people to therapy, having worked in a psychiatric hospital, mental health clinics, student counselling services and as a private practitioner. 
I work with depression, anxiety (including panic attacks), emotional and physical abuse and trauma (childhood or adult), low self-esteem and feelings of shame, self-harm (including eating disorders and addictive behaviours), identity issues (cultural, gender, sexuality, for eg), relationship difficulties (family, friends, work); life transitions (divorce, leaving home, international moves, getting older, changing jobs, etc); bereavement and loss (including miscarriage and fertility issues). I also see patients with diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder and high-functioning autism.
My professional approach is warm and authentic (within professional boundaries), flexible and responsive, engaged and engaging with each person's unique way of experiencing themselves and the world. It is generally accepted that the relationship between client and therapist is the cornerstone of effective therapy. From my client feedback, I would say that this is one of my strengths as a therapist: to help clients feel safe and secure, understood and accepted for who they are, with compassion, care and curiosity.
I have lived in many countries around the world, and am particularly sensitive to, and interested in, working with all kinds of diversity and the feeling of being 'homeless", displaced or of feeling 'other'. I also have a special interest inemotional, sexual and physical abuse and trauma. Often, when such abuse occurred in childhood, people can find it hard to remember or admit to having been so mistreated. Therapy can help.

Before training as a psychotherapist, I was an academic philosopher and a professional story writer. The thread linking all was my unwavering curiosity about people and what makes them tick, what blocks us from living more fulfilled and meaningful lives, and how we can find the way forward within ourselves.

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