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  • Individual, couple and Family Counselling with over 27 years experience.
  • 589 Lake Street, Suite #206, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2N 7L6
  • Phone: 905-937-8931
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  • Session Fees: $100.00
  • www.kathrynwalsh.ca
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
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Kathryn Walsh and Associates is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  
Office, Video, Phone, Text and Email Sessions are available.
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We are following all of the recommended health guidelines for our industry.
 Therapy is a Strength Not a Weakness

You can achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest, by learning to balance life's frustrations and anxieties in your relationships and personal expectations. Kathryn offers online email counselling, face to face office sessions and telephone counselling. 

The best testament of a therapist's ability is a testimonial, experience counts and Kathryn has over 27 years of it.  Below are some testimonials of people who have benefited from her care.  For more testimonials visit; http://www.kathrynwalsh.ca/testimonials.php 

"My life became better the day I walked through Kathryn Walsh's door, after battling depression for over 20 years. I went to many therapists and counsellors over the time with no success, only frustration, as they were all interested in how much time they had left in each session. Kathryn was different. She cared and genuinely showed an interest in me becoming well. Now 12 months later and I feel the best I have in 20 years."  Ed...35 Lawyer

"I am so grateful toward you Kathryn. My 9 year old son was so withdrawn and failing in school. My husband and I tried to talk to him and it didn't help, in a few sessions with Kathryn his mood improved and his grades are unreal!!! Thank you Kathryn, you have mad our whole family a better place!"  Tracey and Jim
"We had never been to therapy before, the perception I had was that you speak and the therapist just listens. What we really enjoyed was the interaction with Kathryn and best of all she taught us how to laugh together!! She helped us with our interactions with each other. Kathryn has unique opinions that are very refreshing and that work."  Bob and Sandy

"My husband and I went to Kathryn as a couple for both marriage and parenting counselling off and on for the past several years. On the marriage, from Kathryn has been incredible recourse for us in actively facilitating an increase in trust, open communication and shared responsibility for making changes to improve our relationship. She demonstrates empathy, insight, enthusiasm, caring and most of all a sense of humour, which we give much credit for how much closer we are. We would recommend Kathryn to anyone with marital or family issues. Kathryn has been a great sounding board for us, our challenges, our successes, our stumbles and to our two teenage children as well. They think she is "cool". Thanks so much Kathryn for all you have done to help and we know how much you have helped others! Don't leave town!!"  Pat and Debbie...married 22 years

"I went to see Kathryn for my shyness and social anxiety. She was very friendly and sympathetic. My sessions were very useful as I could talk about things that I couldn't discuss with my family and friends. It was helpful to have someone I could practice talking and expressing myself with."  Katia...17 Student 

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