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Kathy Pardue, MA, LPC - Karis Counseling LLC.     Karis means grace, the acceptance we need to risk change for healing...

I've worked with individuals and couples for 19 yrs. to restore healthy relationships and passion for life goals.  I enjoy connecting quickly with clients to establish trust in discussing their concerns.  I see them take responsibility for change, forgive, set boundaries, work toward new perspectives, and let go of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.  Compassion is important in hearing your disappointments, frustrations, and confusion in life.  My clients return over the years to share new challenges.       

 Specialties and Approach.    Individuals, Couples, and Marriage Counseling.  

Marriage Counseling...I help couples restore emotional intimacy thru EFT-Emotionally-Focused Therapy (Dr. S. Johnson).  You can enjoy your relationship and heal from resentment, infidelity, chronic conflict, abuse, and other concerns.  Our goal is to help you learn how to discuss concerns, feel heard, and get resolution.  Becoming emotionally available, responsive, and engaged helps get back to peace and fun... 

Individual Counseling... I work with clients to help move past depression, anxiety, eating disorders, grief, divorce recovery, parenting problems, substance abuse, and failed relationships preventing living with purpose and enthusiasm.  If you feel stuck in an isolated cycle of attempting to resolve the pain and frustration, we can help.  

Collaborative Therapy assures your need to be heard and understood as we assess your concerns and generate options together.          
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps clients learn to discern self-defeating thoughts and practice healthy thinking.  Healing happens in a context of safe, confidential relationship.  How we think determines how we feel about ourselves and others; feelings determine how we behave.
I see individuals experience emotional freedom after years of confusion and shame...
An Integrative Therapy approach allows spiritual issues to be included in counseling sessions at your request.  A plan is designed to your specific temperament and needs.  For your overall well-being, referrals may be given to other health professionals including nutritionists, psychiatrists, and primary care physicians.  

Marriage Counseling...  If you're experiencing distancing or escalating without getting resolution, we can help you learn the importance of emotional giving in conversation.  You can give your defense after validation, acknowledging you heard what the other said.  Validating does not mean agreement...but is helpful in creating emotional safety to resolve conflict.  You can get back to enjoying the time together.  

EFT (Emotionally-Focused Therapy) is a successful approach in Marriage and Couples Counseling, and works to secure a safe bond. 
Clients work to understand their part of the problem and listen with empathy.  You can eventually let go of resentment, and positive feelings can return.  Strong love is possible despite the past.  Affairs, abuse, poor communication, alcohol abuse, extended family, and sex are issues leading to resentment and detachment.  Healthy, honest communication can replace years of detachment or constant conflict.

Couples Counseling...  helps dating or engaged couples assess concerns preventing a strong connection.  Concerns addressed are differences in temperaments, male/female thinking, otherness, core values, invalidation, expectations, personal goals, anger, career stress, and unmet needs.

Sessions are relaxed, confidential, and interactive.  HIPAA law on confidentiality is given at the first session.

Appointments can be made on the website www.kariscounselingllc.com
A reminder text and email will be sent.  Or, call 713-501-0663.
Hours:  Mon-Fri   10am - 6pm

Fees:    Individual sessions - $150/hr.  Couples sessions - $175/hr.  
            Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmX, and cash accepted.  

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