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  • 74 Street, Fort St. John, Fort St John, British Columbia, V1J 7J6
  • Phone: 2504888650
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  • Session Fees: $100 per hour session, or $500 for 6 sessions paid in advance, Specific group fees will be listed on the website
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Lyrical Earth Therapy is a place to tell your story and to begin your next chapter. Counselling is a process that promotes personal growth in a supportive environment. The process relies on a collaborative relationship that is genuine and trustworthy. I believe that everyone has the capacity for increased awareness, growth and transformation. I provide family and individual therapy to people of all ages. For children, adolescents and adults the demands of school, work and family can lead to stress, poor coping and depression. My approach is compassionate, effective and tailored to you with the goal of creating positive change. We all struggle with daily transitions and pressures to achieve, putting life off balance. When we are not healthy, it affects our family, our social life,and even our personality.Changes in life offer an opportunity for growth. You may find that life transitions are associated with a loss of meaning, connection, effectiveness, and purpose. Bereavement, illness, job loss, relationship challenges, care giving, and aging are some of the areas in which struggles often occur. Support with these issues helps you to feel less alone, and empowered to move forward. I have been in the education, therapy and coaching profession for over twenty years.  I have a variety of experience working with children, adolescents and adults.  My areas of focus have often been anxiety, motivation, depression, and moving through life changes. I base the therapeutic program on a working relationship that involves a narrative process.Together we form the foundation with your needs, wants and beliefs.
 With my background in education, therapy, sports, and relaxation techniques I bring a diverse experience base to our process. If you are struggling with anxiety, learning disabilities, life transitions, motivation, gender identity,depression, behaviour issues, juggling sports and school, and other areas of mental health, together we can create positive change. Your life is within your control, and you are the expert. I am trained in breathing techniques for relaxation, yoga and stress management which I can incorporate into your process. Incorporating deep breathing into all you do can make a world of difference to your ability to focus, cope with stress, move through an uncomfortable place, and engage your mind and body.  I have been a high performance athlete and have an excellent understanding of the athletic psyche. If you are struggling with getting to the next step in your sport, balancing sport and other commitments, or motivation, I am experienced in this area through counseling work, coaching and personal achievements. I understand the fragile yet powerful athlete, who is undergoing changes in their performance yet stagnant in their psyche!
Lyrical Earth Therapy is a place to tell your story and make life transitions in a healthy and supportive environment. 


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