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I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology as well as Masters Degrees in both Clinical and Counseling Psychology. I am a member of the  North Carolina Psychology Association (NCPA), Division of Independent Private Practice (DIPP) and of the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. I have 14 years of clinical experience providing psychotherapy as well as conducting  psychological evaluations. I have worked with adults and adolescents from diverse cultural backgrounds across a variety of clinical settings, such as outpatient clinics, university counseling centers, community mental health centers, hospitals, and intensive outpatient,  in-home programs and private practice.


I view therapy as a collaborative process in which client(s) and therapist work together creatively to navigate a path towards change. In my approach to counseling, I use techniques that research has shown to be most effective in helping people live to life with greater satisfaction, less distress and more hope. More specifically, I draw from cognitive-behavioral, humanistic and psychodynamic styles, and tailor these approaches to meet the specific needs of each individual or family. I assist my clients to establish clear goals early in the therapy process, which helps them make progress on short-term goals relatively quickly.  I recognize the need for some immediate relief from suffering while traversing the path towards deeper psychological change. I strive to create a therapeutic atmosphere in which my clients can feel safe, comfortable and connected, as these conditions are essential to the process of self-exploration and psychological growth. 


I have experience working with Adults dealing with:


    Body Image and Eating Issues


    Stress & Time Management

    Relationship Issues (including separation/divorce)

    Family of Origin Issues


    Identity Exploration (gender/sexual or general)

    Career Exploration  

I also have expertise working with adolescents and their families. During each session, I may draw from a variety of techniques including art therapy, unstructured talk therapy, or more structured exercises aimed at developing communication skills, coping strategies, emotional and behavioral regulation and/or increasing self-esteem. I provide Adolescent and Family Therapy to those struggling with issues including:


    Anxiety (including phobias and obsessive compulsive disorders)

    Attachment Problems


    Low Self-Esteem

    Body Image and Disordered Eating

    Family Dynamics/Relationships


My Psychological Evaluation Services include testing for: 

    Giftedness/Learning Disabilities

    Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)

    Diagnostic Clarification

    Self-Exploration of Personality 

    Career Assessment 

    Adoption Readiness


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