Keisei Anzai, MA, RCAT, BCATR

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I am happy to introduce myself as a registered art therapist for the past 
sixteen years. I am a multicultural individual as I was raised and grew up in different countries at different ages. My mid life was dedicated in creating a style of its own wares that were made of clay and lacquer. Through the process of the making, I came to understand that the essential never lies on any surface, and so is the essence of life. I was never the master as the beauty was always in the art of listening.

When I introduce myself as a person and as an art therapist to you, I can only think of one thing, my illness as a child with asthma more than the credentials.
My philosophy in being a good therapist is not necessarily about academic learning, or how much one has acquired from training, it may have to do with one's life experience first as a person.With a grasp of feeling how [a void] can actually feel is crucial.
With an understanding of that very feeling of abandonment, of helplessness, of hopelessness and of feeling this incredible vastness that we describe it as emptiness and loneliness is important. What I myself had experienced was a form of trauma in itself, that took away freedom and a life of a child. I felt imprisoned and deafeningly alone.The world around was visible afar but never reachable. This experience had forced me to go inward to this vast space beyond my knowing.
But, it is also this space, a blessing in disguise, a source for my creativity,
and my root to becoming an art therapist.

As an art therapist, you will come to me as an equal despite your concerns.
I will provide you with a safe environment where you can relax and feel you are protected. Our starting point would be from the empty space as everything begins from there, and where changes and growth can be made possible. I shall guide you with my whole heart without any judgement, with utmost integrity and responsibility, with warmth and gentle from one person to the other as it should be. I would be your guide.

My approach in art therapy is eclectic and client centered.If you are not familiar with art therapy, let me ease your mind by offering you a brief description.You don't need to be an artist, in fact the best you are not, thus nothing will be in your way of self-expression. All you need to do is to stop thinking but to feel that moment inside of you to see what arises. It may very well be a color that invites you to make a mark or doodle. Whatever it may be, you just follow your instinct until you feel that you are done. This is how easy it can be. Then together we will look at the images to see what we may find, uncover and talk about them. I can assure you that whatever the images are, they are important information about you. They are your mirror, a reflection from your inner world, that for the very first time you can see yourself in a tangible form. I can also assure you that your self expression speaks more truth than words, and you may find surprises, the things you don't know awaiting to be discovered. The purpose of art therapy is to bring self awareness and  clarity leading to new insight, hope and healing.
If you have an intention to seek, you will find art therapy will be helpful to you..


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