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My practice is dedicated to help you create deeper connection with your child.

As a child therapist, I help families:

·        Determine the underlying cause of behavioral issues

·        Build better communication skills so your child listens without resisting

·        Connect in a deeper way to help your child sooth their anxiety

·        Process medical or psychological traumas to create deep healing

·        Feel seen and understood in a way that creates lasting change in the system

In working with me, your child will learn:

·        Learn to express emotion in a healthy way to decrease anxiety

·        Build skills for emotional regulation and communication to prevent tantrums

·        Develop awareness of their emotions to understand before acting on them

·        Become more confident and resilient in their capabilities

·        Channel anger in a way that decreases behavioral outbursts

·        Mange frustration in a way that is productive

As a therapist, I treat variety of concerns that children have including:

·        Anxiety

·        Depression

·        Anger and tantruming

·        ADHD

·        Trauma and dissociative disorders

·        Self-esteem concerns

In my education, I was trained in various therapeutic techniques including:

·        Mindfulness Based Play Family Therapy

o   Using MBPFT, I help your family created deeper connection through understanding how your family connects and how the connection can be altered to make it more meaningful for all family members.

·        Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

o   In DBT, I help your child build a set of skills to regulate their emotions through becoming more mindful of their emotions in stressful situations and understanding what it needed in that moment to regulate. DBT also helps your child build skills to communicate their emotions to you.

·        Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

o   TFCBT helps you understand a trauma from your child's perspective. Using TFCBT, I help you connect with your child so you can help them heal from deep trauma in a way that feels empowering for both of you.

·        Narrative Therapy

o   Developing a narrative of our story is so empowering. By using narrative therapy, I help your child re-write their story in a way that is empowering and healing.

Our work together happens as a team. Working with me, you will create deeper, more meaningful connection with your child through understanding what they need and how to give it to them. Our work is to help you help your child feel strong, empowered and confident in the world.

Cost: $135 per individual session, $150 per intake session


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I'm looking forward to connecting more with you!

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