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  • Psychodynamic Therapist
  • 316 Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1V9
  • Phone: 437-345-2260
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  • Session Fees: $90 per session
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About Me and My Practice

My name is Ken, and I'm an eclectic psychodynamic therapist in Toronto.

Most people that I work with come to therapy because they are dealing with something upsetting and they want to feel better. Sometimes this has to do with a difficult personal situation, such as loss of employment or a relationship conflict. Often they are experiencing difficult symptoms, such as depression or anxiety. Sometimes the problem is long-stemming: they may have had a difficult childhood or experienced traumatic events, and they feel it's time to get professional help in dealing with what is concerning them. Deciding to get professional help is first brave step to healing.

My Training

I trained at The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy, which has a long and distinguished history in the training of psychodynamic psychotherapists in Canada. The program is 6 years in length, and is both academic and experiential. The program includes 4 years of participation in a psychodynamic training group. I also completed over 500 direct client work through the institute's low-cost referral program before graduating.  


My Orientation & Approach

I should begin by saying that the type of psychotherapy I practice is a deeper, more holistic, and longer-term process than some other approaches. This is because psychodynamic psychotherapy works with the root causes of symptoms, and not just the treatment of symptoms. 

Each person, I believe, is a unique individual, with a particular history and personality. Each person also has many layers and parts... and some of these parts are unconscious and outside of our ordinary awareness.

Without even realizing it, our minds attempt to protect ourselves from experiencing things that feel dangerous or unbearable. At the time, this is very helpful, because it allows us to go on with life, but we cannot keep on blocking out painful things forever. As time goes on, those disconnected parts come back and are often made manifest in symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, nightmares... or the general feeling like something is unresolved. These symptoms are important messages that we need to take seriously, explore and try to understand. Psychodynamic psychotherapy with a skilled therapist is one way we can effectively do this. 

My approach to psychotherapy begins with helping you to safely connect with your experience - your feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations and dreams... as well as your intuition, imagination and creativity. In my experience, this process can be challenging, sometimes painful, but also incredibly worthwhile. As we learn to connect with our different parts and feelings, we can start experiencing life in a new way. 

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is also built on the therapeutic relationship, so it is important to work with someone you have a generally good feeling about. In my experience, exploring the relationship between client and therapist can be very fruitful, and much of the research says that the relationship between therapist and client is the most important factor in psychotherapy.


There is much more I could say about psychotherapy and how I work as a therapist, but I hope this is helpful as you look for which therapist is best for you.  I invite you to contact me if you think we might be a good fit to work together.

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