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When I was in my twenties, I saw a psychotherapist who didn’t say anything! Then another who actually talked, and changed my life. The second taught me that the right kind of therapy can make a big difference. I learned well, and I’ll work with you, collaboratively, in a kind of partnership, to help identify and transcend any limiting thoughts or patterns, with the ultimate goal of your finding your life more satisfying.  As one of my clients said recently, “Ken, I’m glad that you talk. After all, I already knew how to talk to myself!”

How do people make their lives what they want them to be in psychotherapy? First, having a place to talk freely with someone who cares and is trained to help you see things in a new light. Just expressing what’s going on can be therapeutic in itself and can begin the process of realignment. Then, having the therapist’s feedback and insights. Unlike most relationships in your life, a therapist strives for objectivity; a good therapist will be able to offer a different perspective than friends or family. Finally, there’s what we call transference, which is when the thoughts or feelings from your past, or your relationships, pop up in other areas, and it’s curative to become aware of these as well.

In addition to providing a place to talk freely and to work with you to make sense of your problems or issues, I believe that my talent as a practitioner lies in remembering that we’re working towards seeing real improvements in your life. And my pledge is that you’ll find our time together to be useful, in the short or longer term, in helping you transcend the inner habits that may be holding you back. Some common goals include living a life with greater satisfaction and confidence, better relationships, and a healthy sense of self.  Though we’ll talk, and we’ll talk a lot, the real benefit is watching your life change is the ways you wanted it to.

My technique is interactive psychodynamic and borrows from many modalities. Each “therapy” suits the individual’s needs. I find that we’ll talk about your past, of course, but won’t get lost or stranded there. Our main concerned is on the “here and now,” i.e. the quality of your everyday life.

Some areas I treat: Anxiety; Difficulties with parents/family issues: neglect, physical and sexual abuse, alcohol, ptsd; Relationships: including, of course, friendships, collegial, and/or love; Career: I’ve written two books about career, relationships and parents, and often counsel people about their work, from the everyday to the strategic. Also, for some, about their non-work-related activities and meaning; Social adjustment; Depression; Spiritual; Grief/Loss; and a range of other areas.

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