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When I was in my twenties, I saw a psychotherapist who didn’t say anything.

 It was pretty much a waste of time. After all, I already knew how to talk to myself. :) Then I saw a second one who participated, and changed my life. From that one, I saw how therapy can actually help in a big way, and how therapy with someone who cares and is not “a fly on the wall” can make a big difference.

How does therapy work?

First, it provides a safe place where you can talk freely. Just expressing what’s going on in your life, and your past, can begin the process of changing your everyday experience.

Next, unlike most relationships in your life, I strive for objectivity, with an eye on what's best for you. So I'll offer a different perspective than friends or family often can (despite their intentions!) Finally, there are psychodynamic elements that come into play, such as what we call transference. That's when the thoughts and feelings from other parts of your life come up in the course of treatment. It's helpful/healing to become aware of these patterns as well. As for a personal philosophy, I believe we use the past, rather than have the past use us. We’ll sometimes talk about your past, of course, but not to overdo it; retraumatize; or get lost there. I like to keep in mind the here and now, i.e. the quality of your everyday life. Many of my clients find that things begin to change in not too long, as far as their perspective, relationships, healing, and circumstances.
Your life doesn't have to be as hard as it may be right now. It's good to reach out for assistance as you're thinking of doing. 

Feel free to call for a free consultation. I look forward to meeting you! 

Some areas I treat:

Anxiety. Difficulties with parents/family issues: neglect, physical and sexual abuse, alcohol, ptsd. Relationships: including, of course, friendships, work, and love. Career: I’ve written two books about career, relationships and parents, and often counsel people about their careers, from the everyday to the strategic. Also, for some, about their non-work-related activities and meaning. Social adjustment. Depression. Spiritual. Grief/Loss; and a range of other areas.

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