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  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
  • 680 Game Farm Road, Minnetrista, Minnesota, 55359
  • Phone: 952-240-1621
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As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, I work to support you on your unique path towards self-discovery and healthy, connected relationships. My passion includes working with individuals (children, adolescents & adults) who struggle with:

• Anxiety & Depression
• Addiction
• Anger Issues
• Trauma & Abuse
• ADHD - Children & Adults
• Social and Behavioral Issues
• Intimate Relationships
• Parent/Child Conflict
• Life Transitions
• Blended Families

I ALSO SPECIALIZE IN COUPLES COUNSELING. Working together, we develop intimate connection and healthy interaction while experiencing personal growth. Issues include communication, anger and resentment, emotional and sexual intimacy, infidelity, parenting conflict and blended family issues.

Helping clients tap into their inner strength and set meaningful goals, I consider it my purpose as a counselor to help you learn to trust yourself, live fully in the moment as well as develop meaningful, healthy relationships. I strongly believe that connected relationships are key to our physical and mental wellbeing! Using a warm, creative approach, I provide a safe, healing environment for clients who are processing difficult issues. 

In addition to traditional in-office therapy, I AM AN EQUINE-ASSISTED PSYCHOTHERAPIST. Unique to my practice, I offer both options from the stable on my 23 acre farm. Passionate about incorporating animals into the healing process, I believe that horses have the potential to influence people in powerful ways. Through this experiential therapy, a natural opportunity is created to overcome fear, anxiety, depression, and addiction as well as a variety of other mental health and behavioral issues. Working alongside a horse creates confidence, provides insight into our own behaviors, builds relationship skills and offers new strategies when dealing with other intimidating and challenging situations in life.

Having raised four children, I now find time to enjoy many activities including sailing, horseback riding, yoga, travel, cooking, reading and watching documentaries. My seven horses, golden retriever, hound dog and various adorable cats are also a great source of joy for me, not to mention my chickens, ducks and goats! I look forward to learning where your passions lie and what bring you great happiness in life :)

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