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Professional Training

 I graduated in June, 2008 from Seattle Pacific University with a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, focusing on individual and couples’ work. I have advanced training in Lifespan Integration, an effective treatment modality for anxiety, PTSD, attachment injuries such as childhood neglect, abuse and abandonment, and more. I have received extensive training in Attachment Theory, the Cloud-Townsend Growth Model (heavily influenced by Object Relations), and Internal Family Systems Therapy. 

 ...And How I Work

 I specialize in couple and individual therapy focusing on relationship or attachment injuries and patterns as well as resolving childhood and adult trauma (e.g., abuse, abandonment and betrayal). I work with whatever it is you bring to each session, meaning your current thoughts, emotions, conflicts, etc. This keeps the therapeutic process rich and real while enabling us to get to the deeper underlying issues rather than just staying on the surface treating symptoms. A helpful metaphor for the way I work comes from Drs. Cloud and Townsend, “You can pick a sick piece of fruit off a tree, but this doesn’t cure the tree. If the tree is sick, you must go for the roots to make the tree well again."

 ...Why Do I Do What I do?
            What I most enjoy about the work I do as a Couples and Individual therapist is the connection that is made and the hope that is given when the client knows I "get" them. When I help the client understand that I understand, when he or she knows that I care and that I also have a path toward healing—along with the confidence and the knowledge to guide them on that path—that is when therapy is at its richest. What often follows is we begin to make those incremental changes, along with those sudden major shifts, and the client’s world and their relationships are significantly changed. This is extremely gratifying for both me and my clients.
 ...And For The Desired End

Another thing about trees… “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life,” Proverbs 13:12. When an individual comes to me depressed or anxiety-ridden and I am privileged with being a part of shifting their internal and external worlds, I feel very fulfilled in that I have helped to alleviate suffering and to enrich their lives. Likewise, when a couple comes in for counseling and they are emotionally cut off and at war with each other, yet after much relational work in therapy they are now deeply connected, committed and equipped to endure, I am joyful to have participated in restoring relationships and healing hearts.

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