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  • Registered Social Worker
  • 1533 Arrow Rd, Victoria, British Columbia, V8N 1C3
  • Phone: 2505081394
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  • Session Fees: $95 - $105 per session
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, Webcam

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Parenting (or caregiving) is one of the most important jobs you've taken on. But the person you're caring for is going through some tough stuff, and the two of you aren't getting along. You're beating yourself up, because you keep screwing up your job, when all you want to do is help. You might even be coping with your own issues, in addition to helping them with theirs. You're scared of the future, and sometimes angry at the person you are caring for. You're lonely and even burnt out, because others don't understand.
You desperately want to get control over your own anxiety, in order to help someone else with theirs. You need to not feel so overwhelmed, in order to be present for another. Regardless of whether they want their own help, you want to learn more about how to help them.
Sudden or difficult changes, whether real or anticipated, can touch on a number of areas in our life. You may identify with one, two, or all my following specialties:
  1. Loss: “I can’t let go of what was.” Or “I can’t let go of who I was.”
  2. Anxiety: “I’m scared of what this means for my/our future, and what it means for who I am. I’m scared that others will judge me or my family.” Or “I’m judging myself.”
  3. Health Challenges: “This new diagnosis/situation/identity is going to totally uproot my life.”
  4. Family Conflict: “Who will support me?” Or “I have no idea how to support my loved one.”
  5. Depression & Burnout: “What’s the point of keeping going?”
  6. Personal Growth: “I need to figure this out. Doing it on my own isn’t working.”

My job is not just what I do – it’s who I am and how I make sense of the world. I have been a social worker since 1995, supporting a variety of populations: children and youth, parents, caregivers, older adults, and more.
I’ve been where you are, and my clients have too. I’ve experienced my own share of worry, loss and change, with the sudden loss of loved ones, family members with their own mental health issues, and parenting teenagers through some tough times.
Feel free to ask me more about my experience.

Featuring six different ways to meet, both in person and online. My passion is to design an accessible counselling service that meets your unique needs.
  • Visiting you in your home,
  • Walk & Talk Therapy,
  • (more traditional) office visits,
  • Telephone counselling,
  • Video counselling, and
  • especially through the use of therapeutic conversations via email counselling. (I hold a certificate in cybercounselling.)

In the safe space that counselling creates, lays the capacity to learn what scares us and thereby promote change and growth. My style is reflective and relational, as experience has taught me that it is the only way to build trust. Having that trusting relationship allows you the courage to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, paving the way to a better life. I believe that counselling teaches self-compassion (to honour your own truth), and empathy (to understand what is true for others in your life).
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