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  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor / Therapist
  • 3166 N. Lincoln Ave, Suite 207, Chicago, Illinois, 60657
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Have you been feeling emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed? Have you found yourself facing unexpected life stressors and struggling to find a balance between self-care and fulfilling responsibilities? Life can be overstimulating sometimes, and I understand what it's like to feel paralyzed and confused about how to tackle these challenges. It can be easy to fall into negative patterns in which we imagine all of the worst case scenarios and feel like we have to have a contingency plan for each of them.

My goal is to allow you to regain control and make yourself a priority, without guilt or worry. We are unable to function at our best and help others if we are struggling ourselves. We often spend so much time worrying about the future or ruminating about the past, that we are not present in the moment, and we miss out on important experiences.

My passion is to guide you through the therapeutic experience, which will ultimately restore you to optimal functioning. I will provide a safe, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment and will aide you in exploring the origin of your emotions while providing empathy, emotional validation, and consideration. We will establish a healthy rapport and therapeutic relationship, in which you will be able to understand your emotions more authentically, gain insight into inhibiting thought processes, change counterproductive patterns of behavior, and develop healthy ways of coping.

Our work together will be collaborative, and our time together will be devoted to you and your needs, which may feel a bit foreign at first. You will never have to apologize for crying or guard your vulnerability by shutting down your feelings. We will explore how you got to this place in your life, and implement protective strategies so these emotions do not continue to become destructive habits or patterns.

Taking that first step toward seeking counseling can be intimidating and create some discomfort. These are normal feelings that can easily be alleviated with an initial phone call or email.  Feel free to visit my website for additional information:


More Information About My Practice

I began my practice, Cathartic Space Counseling, in 2013 after extensive experience working in both outpatient (office) and inpatient (hospital) settings.  I have recently expanded my practice and hired on 2 additional clinicians at my Oak Park location.  I currently specialize in working with clients who struggle with symptoms of anxiety and depression. I have a background in crisis assessment/intervention and have had the privilege of interacting with individuals and families who have presented with a wide range of clinical presentations and unique needs.

I have a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in the state of Illinois. I have been featured on CBS News, in The Chicago Tribune, on Empire Broadcast Radio, and was interviewed for the "Back to School" issue of Chicago Parent Magazine. My approach is eclectic, and I tailor my therapeutic techniques according to each individual client.  


How Psychotherapy Can Help

I once had a client tell me when he first began therapy, it felt like he had 40 suitcases (i.e. baggage) disorganized and strewn about the room. When we eventually terminated his treatment, he explained that he now felt like he had 2 neatly packed suitcases sitting in the corner. Those suitcases may always be there, but they will no longer be creating problems for him. This is how I see psychotherapy as being helpful. It sifts through our thoughts and emotions to make sense of why we think and feel the way we do. Once that is identified, we can begin figuring out how to create order from chaos. We will arm you with healthy coping strategies and allow you to let go of old belief systems that were once adaptive, but are no longer necessary in present life.


Why Going to Therapy Does Not Mean You are Weak or Flawed

I've had a lot of clients tell me that they don't want to appear "weak" by crying, or they feel they are burdening others by seeking out their support. What happens to those emotions? They may dissipate for awhile, but they typically don't fully disappear. There is a cumulative effect in which they build and build and build and then resurface when you least expect it. There's a perception that being emotionally stoic means we're strong, but I believe that processing through painful emotions is one of the greatest challenges in life, and this is what gives you strength. It takes a great degree of motivation and bravery to face the things we have spent so much energy attempting to avoid.

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