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Are you....
struggling in your relationships?
experiencinganxiety or depressing?
seeking passion and fulfillment in your family or professional life?
suffering from post-partum depression or anxiety?

Dr. Kristin Schaefer Schiumo, Ph.D. is committed to providing compassionate support and healing for these and many other life issues.


   As a counseling psychologist, I have a thriving private practice in Manhasset, New York. Always client-focused, I work to help my clients flourish so they can live their best lives. The enduring success of my practice is due in large part to my ability to connect with people and gain their trust. I combine supportive compassion and authenticity with gentle and targeted direction, a combination that truly gets results.
   I am finding that in these turbulent times, so many appear successful on the outside but struggle on the inside. Are you fortunate in so many ways, yet feel sad and empty? Now is the time to speak with a professional.  Together we will develop a plan and set goals that meet your needs. Stop the cycle of repetition; end circular arguments about finances, loyalty, and emotional connection. We will discover your strengths and use them to help you learn how to think, respond emotionally and behave differently. Old family patterns will be broken and you will be more successful.

   As a Full Professor at LIU, Post, I maintain my focus on helping others.  I teach applied courses preparing school and mental health counseling students to enter the field. My lectures and courses at universities, schools, and community organizations have addressed topics such as anxiety and depression, bullying, and parenting skills.

   I hold a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and a Master of Science in Education in Counseling and Personnel Services from Fordham University. I also have a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University. My research has been published in several national, peer reviewed journals. I am the co-author of Life Lessons: Hold ‘Em Poker Style. This book uses the terms and strategies of Texas Hold Em Poker to meaningfully and humorously tackle topics relevant to everyday life, such as effective communication and suited relationships.


   Dr. Schaefer Schiumo specializes in the treatment of:

* couples therapy

* women dealing with fertility issues and post-partum anxiety/depression

* relationship/family issues

   * self-improvement and growth

* depression
   * anxiety


I believe that true and lasting healing comes from a willingness to deeply experience and explore the emotions related to your present and past experiences.  Unexamined feelings tend to lead to painful and unwanted symptoms.  By understanding and experiencing your feelings and emotions, you will be able to grieve.  In this case, grieving is the letting go of emotion, which then makes room for new, positive and effective emotions, thoughts and behaviors.  I believe that therapy is not magic or a quick fix, but is a process that requires work, faith and commitment.  It is a wonderful process that brings about gradual and steady change that, in the end, leads to sustained and powerful change and success.

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