Kristine Aanderson, R. Psyc.

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  • Registered Psychologist
  • 2051 Leger Road , Edmonton, Alberta, T6R 0R9
  • Phone: 780-431-9623
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  • Session Fees: $190/50 minutes
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

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I am here to listen and here to help you find the solutions you need to 'thrive', not just 'survive'. I value the creation of a comfortable, secure, 'worry-free' environment where people can feel safe in working through their problems without the fear of judgement or being forced to work through issues they are not ready to address yet. I provide assistance that is tailored to your needs, gathering comprehensive information about your difficulties and considering a wide range of treatment techniques. The choice of effective treatment arises out of an honest and open collaboration between you and me.
  Are you bothered by anxiety/worries? I can help you master anxiety and reprogram your own brain. Do you struggle with weight or body image? I also help with people with binge eating, bulimia & anorexia walk away from the shame of these issues & move forward to embrace their new life. Are you a mom or dad struggling with anxiety, depression or OCD since your child came into your life? I can help with mood disorders to support you and bring the joy back into your life.
  In addition to my standard practice I also provide Animal Assisted Therapy with my certified therapy dog. My practice has a variety of practitioners to provide holistic care when needed. Your wellness is our top priority.

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