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Kyle offers individual counselling in Red Deer, AB. He is able to see and relate to a wide variety of clientele. His specialty areas include Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Loss and Life Transition, Relationship Issues (relationship with self or your role in the the relationship) and Chronic Pain.
Kyle has enjoyed learning a wide variety of tools and techniques through running groups as well as attending continual education  over the last several years. He is ready and would be ecstatic to have you work with him on your path to wellness. He has noted that "one size does not fit all" so his approaches vary depending on the clients needs. He draws from the following therapies: Narrative Therapy (creating a new story), Mindfulness Therapy (coming to the present moment), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (changing thinking and behavior), Solution Focused Therapy (building strengths and creating solutions).   Kyle brings to his sessions insight, empathy, understanding and compassion. Kyle will start by building a rapport with you and getting to know you. This will be followed by having an understanding of what your hopes are for therapy. From there areas of your life are zeroed in on to get specific with what you can do about the issue at hand. You can expect homework and small achievable goals to help you move forward.
The benefits to therapy include: new ways of being, tools, strategies, more calm, improved relationships, meaning and purpose, having direction, ability to manage emotion, increased presence, the ability to relax and find joy again!
Part of what brought Kyle into the field is his strong belief that no matter what change is possible. Its an honor to him everyday that he can walk alongside others through their challenges, struggles, seeing and hearing their victories, strengths and ability to overcome and grow. He finds its a two way street and he often learns just as much about life from clients as they do from him.
Kyle's work has included working in the Criminal Justice System, on an Aboriginal Healing Range, with People with Disabilities, as well as promoting health and well being.  He acknowledges that there are alternative ways to wellness and therefore he became a Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner as well. He finds that there is always lots to learn and incorporate to best help others!
Kyle welcomes any questions you may have about his services. "No greater journey ever started with anything less than a decision to begin."

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