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Lakeview Behavioral Health, which is situated in Norcross, Georgia, offers exemplary treatment for a wide variety of mental health and substance use concerns. With a staff of professionals who have a great deal of training and devotion to helping individuals of all ages achieve better lives, this mental and behavioral health treatment center is where the dawn of a new life can begin.
Adolescents and adults who select Lakeview as the place to embark on a transformative healing journey can benefit from several levels of care that are designed to bring about positive change. For example, when a person is grappling with untreated and unmanaged symptoms of schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other illnesses that can bring on self-harming behaviors or suicidal ideation, Lakeview Behavioral Health's inpatient services may be an invaluable level of care to receive. During this center's streamlined admissions process, the need for inpatient care is assessed and this form of treatment can be recommended when short-term, stabilizing services are required.
While in Lakeview's inpatient treatment, which features separate adult and adolescent units, a person can partake in proven effective interventions like group, family, and individual therapy while also having access to medication management services if they are needed. Furthermore, inpatient care at Lakeview also includes specialized treatment tracks for those struggling with co-occurring disorders and chemical dependency issues. Therefore, if a person requires more than just mental healthcare and wishes to overcome an addiction to alcohol, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, prescription drugs, or other substances, he or she can receive the methods of care required to take on these issues.
Once this level of care is complete, staff members provide adolescents and adults with thorough discharge plans that include the additional supports and therapeutic services needed to continue making positive progress towards a truly healthy life. To provide adults and young people alike with truly comprehensive care, Lakeview Behavioral Health also provides exceptional outpatient services. The center's partial hospitalization programming (PHP) and
intensive outpatient programming (IOP) serve as step-down levels of care for those who have completed inpatient treatment. These levels of care may also be accessed when more intensive services are not yet appropriate. PHP, which is available for both adolescents and adults, involves therapeutic services that take place for most of the day, five days per week. Within this level of care, men, women, and young people enjoy many of the same interventions offered in inpatient treatment, though they return to their respective homes in the evening. IOP, on the other hand, features programming for only part of the day, which then allows adolescents and adults to go home and practice the healing and recovery skills that they have learned while at Lakeview. Finally, PHP and IOP at Lakeview last longer than inpatient treatment, as these levels of care are designed to build upon and enhance skills that each person learns and prevent the need for inpatient care in the future.
By coming to Lakeview Behavioral Health to heal from mental health concerns and/or defeat an addiction to substances, a person can expect to receive the personalized care needed to become well again so thata brighter tomorrow can begin today.

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