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  • Marriage and Family Therapist
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You Have Needs: 
You think that you are doing fine. Getting by every day going to work/school, and taking care of your family is doable but stressful. Busying yourself should feel successful and accomplished, but you are just taking on more than you should. Others comment on how great you are doing. But inside you are longing for a feeling of true connection. Yes, you put on a smile and can even find laughter but deep inside even surrounded by some of your favorite people you are lonely. Sometimes you think you want to hide but all you really want is to be found.
You desire a safe loving relationship where you don’t have to compromise yourself. You want to recognize love and even more so, allow yourself to receive it. Be it from a potential love relationship, your friends, your parents, your colleagues, or even your current spouse. You believe that you are not enough to uphold to others standards. 

You Have Hope: 
Imagine what it would feel like to be able to slow down just enough and enjoy what is in front of you. That when others see you, they see who “YOU” are happy with. How would it be to live up to your own standards and being enough for yourself? Imagine finding a close connection with others already in your life and finding new love relationships where you genuinely feel love and can enjoy it. The thought of being found. Not hiding and no longer compromising. To be seen!

You Have Me: 
I seek to guide you through the process of healing from within, helping you begin to see you as others see you and even better. I take pride in being that bold force that is not afraid to hone into those difficult issues and feelings with you, helping you embrace yourself and believe that you are enough and deserve to be loved. I use an in-depth analytical therapy to bring together different parts of the mind to help you feel balanced and whole. I will see you, when you feel like no one sees you, even when you don’t see yourself! It would be my privilege to be a holding force for your pain, excitement and joy as we explore and go through your journey of seeing yourself, and loving what you see!
You Have Proof:My clients have made the following statements about our therapy journey:
  • "I have always felt this way and now I can put words to it and understand me better."
  • "My mind is just blown how you help me put things in perspective and how real change can happen."
  • "No-one has ever said that to me and it means a lot, thank you. I needed to hear that." 
  • This is so hard! Why is it so hard? But I'm glad I'm doing it because I need to."
  • a client reported "My wife said when she brings me I get out of the car so angry, but when I come out I'm smiling and happy and feel so much better!"

You Have You: Ready for a powerful life-altering experience? CALL ME FOR A FREE CONSULT. It's time!
**All Sessions are conducted and produced in a Teletherapy format in this time** 

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