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  • Registered Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Intuitive Guide
  • 612 David Street ( in The Round Room), Victoria, British Columbia, V8T 2E1
  • Phone: 1-289-685-4420
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  • Session Fees: Fees begin at $125.00 for a 55 minute session and $185.00 for a 1 hr and 20 minute session. Sliding scale may apply upon request.
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Is it overwhelming to have so much change occur all at once?  
Does it feel like there is a significant shift occurring inside you that has changed how you view the world?  
Are there times when you feel unfulfilled, like you have taken a wrong turn along your life path?  Perhaps you feel a yearning to be of service to others in a specific way that you have never considered before?

Laura Luz - Psychotherapist, Intuitive Guidance and Spiritual Counsellor

About Laura Luz

Being of service to others is natural for Laura and her gifts include precise observation and assessment skills.  Her professional career began with working with at-risk children and their families. Her expertise with managing challenging behaviours brought a natural ability to counsel the families she worked with. 

For many years, Laura providing services to delinquent youth who were involved in the Justice system.  Within this role, Laura worked with a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, social workers, probation officers, crown-counsel, mental health workers, family members and front-line staff.  She volunteered for years in a partner-role with MCFD to train, orient and support Caregivers.

Laura completed an Organizational Master’s Degree at Royal Roads University (with honours) and specialized in Conflict Analysis and Management.  She became a certified National Mediator and launched a private practice for both families and Organizations who were experiencing crisis due to conflict.  Laura also served as an Information Counsellor and Community Advocate at a family crisis centre in downtown Victoria called BC Families in Transition. This included outreach Court-support for high conflict families for several years.

Upon completing a masters-level Spiritual Psychotherapy and Spiritual Director program in 2012, Laura was asked to join the Faculty at Transformational Arts College (TAC) and is now an Instructor of the curriculum. She loves teaching and takes pride in bringing innovative material and technology to her classes. Along with Teaching, Laura enjoys being an Intuitive guide, Counsellor and Mediator and writes wisdom articles regularly. 

PhilosophyPsychotherapy, Intuitive wisdom and Hypnosis are methods to assist anyone who is pursuing either personal healing or an awakened sense of their spiritual path.  Trauma and emotional pain are a regular part of the human experience, and there are times when an objective and compassionate navigator may accelerate one's understanding, acceptance and personal expansion.  Laura offers her services to all who resonate with her energy.  There are many techniques available for one who seeks healing, understanding and peace.  The Seeker is the one who will discern what the perfect fit will look like for them. 
Hypnosis and QHHT 
Laura mentored under Author/ Hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon and is a certified QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy) practitioner. This is an achievement that both invigorates and fulfils her; enabling her to support many people’s spiritual growth by navigating them through a most powerful and healing modality.

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"Understanding your Significant Soul contracts with Others" is a Workshop that Laura has facilitated over the last three years and which has become quite an interest to those who are awakening to their spiritual path.  The workshop description is as follows: 

"Who are the significant individuals who have shaped your personality, environment and belief system
? How have they been assisting of accomplishing your soul’s agenda and refining your spiritual gifts and talents? How can you recognize these ‘contracts’ along your life path?"

Within the workshop, there is a vivid exploration of terms such as Soulmates, Twin Flames, Noble friends, Catalyst, Activators, Messengers, Guides, Angels, Teachers and Soul family.  Laura's passion is to assist clients in understanding the dynamics of their particular life in addition to noting the life-lessons and karmic ties that need addressing.

Some Written Articles by Laura Luz

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Twin Flames vs Noble Friends 
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The Healing Power of Touch 

Laura is described by others as wise, caring, resilient, discerning and optimistic.  She continues to willingly share her higher view of the Divine, while living within all the adventures and chaos that life as a human being entails.

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