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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 10350 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 330, Los Angeles, California, 90025
  • Phone: 4242563881
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Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Unfulfilled? Miserable?

There are many reasons for seeking therapy; the most common reason is that something in your life is not working the way you wished it would. Perhaps you know the cause of your distress and are ready to make a change. Or maybe you cannot identify the exact cause and need assistance uncovering the source of your discomfort.

No matter where you are with pinpointing the source of your pain, please know, that you don’t have to figure out on your own. Therapy can help you make sense of it all. Together, we can uncover and examine the limiting beliefs, patterns, and thoughts that brought you here.

You are taking the first step toward leading the life you desire.

How it happens

Therapy is like a kaleidoscope; one small shift can change the whole picture. One of the keys to successful therapy is the relationship that we develop; we need to trust each other to do this work. The relationship is a bit skewed in that I will know a lot more about you than you will know about me; but you can ask me anything.

I am interested in your lived experiences; what makes you happy and sad; glad and mad; lost and alone. By entrusting me with specific events and experiences of your life, I help you make meaning from them. I work with anxiety, depression, relationships, self-esteem & self-worth, body image & body shame, perfectionism, and traumatic experiences.

I Believe…

• what we struggle with provides insight and can help us grow
• connection is key; strong relationships require effort from both parties
• regularly engaging in pleasurable activities fosters joy and happiness
• in nourishing mind, body, and soul
• that self-compassion is vital to wellbeing

Benefits of working with me

Through our collaboration you may experience stronger relationships, the ability to set and maintain boundaries, better communication skills, decreased feelings of anxiety and depression, and increased self-worth. Clients have shared that they feel more fulfilled with their careers, significant others, and friendships. Are you ready to figure out what is holding you back from leading the life you desire?

Formal Education

Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute
MBA from Lindenwood University
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
Certified Body Trust® Provider
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy – Level 1
Psychoanalytic Study of Eating Disorders

I am committed to ongoing professional development. However, the most important part of our work together is your lived experience.

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