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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • Video sessions only, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5Z 1H2
  • Phone: 604-868-4838
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  • Session Fees: $175
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

I help people feel better and live more fully. 

I work with adults individuals.

Does this sounds familiar to you?

You're tired of doubting yourself. You’re wondering when you will feel confident and calm again. You are tired of avoiding some of the important parts of life. You see other people seeming to be at ease in life and wonder how you can find that too. Low mood, anxiety, stress, and that pessimistic inner voice really get in the way of living fully. I know how hard it is to struggle to feel good, to feel confident and to feel optimistic. I struggled with all this for many years — and then I got better. Way better. So much better that I now help others get better too.

I became a therapist because I want to help people suffer less, feel more optimistic, and feel more connected to themselves and others. I know from experience what it can take to turn your feelings about yourself and your life around and get back to enjoying life.  Life can feel rich, engaging and meaningful again — and I believe I can help.  I get it. I know how hard it is to struggle with feeling bad about yourself and your life.  I know what it is like when depression lies to you and tells you things will never get better — and you believe it.

I know what it is like when anxiety gets in the way of reaching your goals and getting through the day. You do not have to be alone with your uncomfortable feelings about yourself and your life. You can make lasting changes in how you feel, think and act. 
I believe that therapy is about more than addressing problems — it is a life-affirming process that ignites your ability to imagine new futures and take steps to make them happen. Working with a counsellor like me allows you to find your strengths and make the changes that lead you to living a life that is in alignment with your what is truly important to you.

We work together so you can learn new ways of being in the world, with better coping skills, more knowledge about yourself, more energy, deeper relationships, and more optimism.

I can help with:
  • Adults struggling with anxiety and/or depression
  • Perfectionism
  • A harsh inner critic
  • Highly sensitive people
  • Sexual identity struggles
  • Relationship pain
  • Gender exploration
  • LGBTQ2 struggling to understand their identity
  • Parents of LGBTQ2 youth Struggling to understand their child's identity

There are many benefits of engaging in the counselling process with a Registered Clinical Counsellor:

  • Improved relationships
  • Better coping skills
  • Improved general health
  • Increased clarity about goals and values
  • Higher levels of confidence
  • Feeling better about yourself and your future
  • Becoming more skilled at addressing conflict
  • Deeper understanding of sub-conscious patterns
  • Increased self-awareness

Maybe you’ve been thinking of reaching out for help...

It can feel like a risky step to take, but I promise that it is less risky than it feels. Once you start, you will feel the relief of taking action to help yourself feel better. Working with a counsellor you can lead to long-lasting, effective changes in how you think, feel and behave. The work you do now can affect your entire life and all your loved ones. The ripple effect of your counselling work can be significant. I help people like you live your life more fully, with more choice, and more ease. You can start to make changes today.
Get in touch to find out if we might be a good fit. — Laurel Swenson MC, RCC, Registered Clinical Counsellor 

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Learn more:

 Depression therapy: 
Low mood, depression, angry all the time, hopelessness, a mean inner voice, no motivation, pointlessness, self-loathing, — whatever you call it — it can change. Learn more on my website...
Anxiety therapy: 
Anxiety, stressed out all the time, angry at yourself, panic attacks, too many worries, difficulty communicating, perfectionistic tendencies, avoiding important things — how ever you describe it — it can change. Learn more on my website... 
 LGBTQ2+ & Trans folks: 
LGBTQ2+ identified people may find it challenging to find counselling professionals who are competent and familiar with queer and trans issues. I identify as queer and love to work with folks who identify as members of LGBTQ2+ communities. I can help with important and often painful concerns like coming out, accepting yourself, gender questioning, relationship struggles, identity, queer parenting, mood struggles, sexuality, and challenges with family. Learn more on my website... 
 Relationship counselling: 
Couples counselling can create more closeness, better mutual understanding, and get back to feeling like you are on the same team again. Improved communication skills can make an incredible difference in your relationship.
Relationships are key to our health and well-being. The importance of relationships to human well-being is now understood by scientific researchers in many fields. Humans are social animals. We literally need each other in order to be healthy. Our relationships — even professional ones — are, ideally, a source of support, constructive interactions, mutual care, and understanding. Learn more on my website... 
 Parenting support:
Parenting is one of the most challenging and important endeavours we humans take on — and there are not a lot of places where you can freely work through your challenges with it. It can help to talk about it. Reach out for parenting support from someone who has been there too. Learn more on my website...  
Creative blocks:
Creativity can be thought of as a barometer for our mental and emotional well-being — the mentally healthier you feel, the more your creativity can flow. Feeling creatively blocked may mean something is getting in the way. We do not always know why a creative block emerges, but you can work to find a clearer understanding of yourself and your struggles, and make changes that support your future creativity.
Working with a counsellor can help you process the challenging or unclear aspects of your life and allow you to regain both your sense of well-being and creativity. Learn more on my website...

Reach out. Get started on feeling better now.

Change begins with one small step. Today that step is reaching out for help.

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