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Clinical Training & EducationThroughout my career in mental health and counseling services, I have been tremendously fortunate to have worked in a myriad of diverse settings and levels of care. They include Partial Hospitalization Programs, Intensive Outpatients Programs, Community Mental Health Agency, and private Outpatient. This experience has afforded me the opportunity to serve people from a multitude of cultural backgrounds, and with a variance of needs. I hold a BS in Psychology, and an MS in Community & Trauma Counseling from Thomas Jefferson University located in my own beloved community and hometown of Philadelphia, PA.  My Theoretical Orientation & Approach to Counseling
In my advanced studies, I was highly trained by many Eclectic practitioners and renowned Trauma Specialists from a Rogerian model. Thus, my foundational attitudes are deeply rooted in Humanistic and Trauma-Informed practice. My approach is to value every individual as unique and important, and to greet them wherever they may be each meeting. I believe that YOU are the Expert on You!  
In my practice I offer general individual counseling, group facilitation, corporate debriefings, sober companionship services, and virtual web-based therapy. I am a strengths-based practitioner, who very much enjoys solution-focused and values-oriented types of work. I am proficient in several modalities that are empirically-bound and revered as evidenced-based.

In addition to my private practice, I also proudly serve as one of the Partners and Founding Members of Philadelphia DBT Associates. On this team my work is rooted in the comprehensive teaching of skills, through the active
participation in both individual and group therapy. The purposes of these skills encompass symptom mitigation, crisis management, emotion regulation, relationship effectiveness, distress tolerance and the practice of mindfulness.
Phone coaching services are also apart of my repertoire since serving on this team. 
 Areas of Special Interest
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Eating Disorders, Polyamory, Faith-Based Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Adult Children of Alcoholics/Addicts (ACOA), Personality Disorders, Demi-sexuality, Recovery, Emotion Dysregulation, Harm-Reduction, Grief and Loss, Interpersonal Relationships, Couples, University Students
 What You Can Count on When Working With Me
My Commitments and Core Values:
  • I am your Ally and Advocate.
  • I am Compassionate and Non-Judgmental.
  • I am Competent and Confidential.
  • I am Present and Grateful.
  • I am Hard Working and Collaborative.
  • I am Challenging and Caring.
  • I am Professional and Respectful.
  • I am Creative and Flexible.
  • I am current on Clinical Literature. 

The efficacy of my success is profoundly hinged upon my love for humanity, and my willingness to help.


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