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If you feel dissatisfied, sad, lost, or lack deep relationships, therapy can help. I support people who are seeking well-being, meaning, and vitality. We work around obstacles that are holding you back.
 My clients often feel unburdened sharing their worries and challenges. All emotions, even unpleasant ones, are honored and explored. Sometimes therapy provides an outlet to vent and "complain" which can then shift stuckness and external dynamics at work or home. Clients gain new perspectives that are more objective than a friend or family member can provide. They find meaning by delving into problematic behaviors, attitudes, and feelings. 

When words and insight don't create change, non-verbal, symbolic work with dreams, sandplay, fantasies, and body awareness can take someone to a deeper level which can lead to a new experience of a problem. My goals for clients are to increase passion, happiness, and living in the moment as well as improve relationships.

In weekly sessions, I use talk therapy supplemented by mindfulness, sand play and dreamwork. Together, we look in-depth for unconscious patterns and archetypes that create blocks to healing. Depth psychology is rooted in mythology, Jungian theory and psychodynamic therapy. I also work with children using play, art and sandplay therapy.

I provide short and long-term depth-psychotherapy to children and adults in San Francisco. Please contact me to set up an appointment to see if we are a good fit. Thank you.

Please call, email or text for more info: 415-562-7768 chandlerdepthpsych @

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