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For years, you dreamed of the joy and love you would feel after having your baby. Instead, you find yourself overwhelmed, exhausted, detached, and struggling to bond with your baby. You feel guilt over these unexpected feelings and fearful of what people would think if they knew your thoughts. You deeply desire to have the love and connection with your baby and feel joy in your life again.

You are not alone in your feelings; many women have experienced these same thoughts and feelings as they struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety.

I am committed to helping my clients who are experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety get back to loving life and their new baby. I want my clients to understand what is happening to them is biological and the most common complication of childbirth. It’s not a reflection of their skills as a mother even though that’s what it feels like.
As the mother of four, I know on a personal level what it's like to quietly suffer with postpartum depression/anxiety. I unfortunately, did not know what I was dealing with and told no one which made it worse and last longer. That is a big reason why I want to help my clients move through their experience of postpartum depression and anxiety with compassion, support and helpful coping tools.
 Don’t let pressure from wanting to be the perfect mom be the reason you don’t tell anyone how you feel. There’s no reason to suffer alone with the unexpected and debilitating feelings of postpartum depression and anxiety. I have helped many women over the last ten years get back to being their normal selves.

Contact me today,or if that seems too overwhelming have a loved one contact me on your behalf. 

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