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 I empower clients to conquer personal barriers so that they can enhance their overall satisfaction with life and improve their relationships at home, school, work and elsewhere.  My clients report that their ability to function in life increases and the negative personal impact of their stress decreases noticeably after 3 sessions and significantly after 8 sessions. 

My marriage, family, and career are great sources of joy and comfort for me in my life. Within my private practice I utilize the TEAM model of psychotherapy as put forth by Dr. David Burns to help improve the lives of my clients.  It is based on extensive process research and clinical work and it highlights checking clients for therapist satisfaction, using empathy, agenda setting and over fifty methods designed to move clients from a state of anxiety or distress toward their individual treatment goals. 

Although all clients want to become well, client resistance to change is recognized as the cause of most therapeutic failures.  I regularly utilize 15 different and powerful techniques to melt away client resistance and boost their motivation toward change. 

I am a registered clinical counselor with a bachelor’s degree in human biology, a master’s degree in psychology and an advanced applications certificate in cognitive behavior therapy. Counselling pre-teens, teens, individual adults and families for over 20 years has afforded me the experience to accelerate a client’s rate of recovery and foster lasting positive adjustments to their past negative patterns of behavior.

I have presented to teachers, parents, fellow clinicians and church congregations on such topics as Early Psychosis Intervention, Making Schools Safe for all Students, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Anxiety and the Teenage Brain, Parenting the anxious child,  LGBTQ Students in Schools and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Methods, to name a few.   I have presented to pre-teenage children and teenagers on such topics as Growing Good Relationships, Impulse Control, Self-Regulation, Conflict Resolution and Anxiety Management. 

I am published in two professional counselling journals and am currently working on a book designed for parents who are in the midst of a divorce and who wish to lessen its negative impact on their children.

Over time anxiety can cause physical and emotional stresses that can lead to both medical and social disorders,  whereas a healthy mindset will exponentially enhance and improve one’s overall wellness.  I offer counseling to those who want to take a step and then perhaps a leap toward investing in their future life satisfaction, relationships, joy and comfort.  Let’s get started today.

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