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Since I was a teen, I have felt like I had "tell me about it" written across my forehead.  Friends, family and even strangers seemed to spontaneously share their difficulties and challenges with me.  Some said I was easy to talk to.  Others knew I was a safe place to be themselves and process those difficult things that they didn't feel they could even share with loved ones.  The common thread was that they knew I would listen, accept them regardless of the difficulties they faced and that they would get my honest feedback.


Would you like to work with someone who

  • ·         Will unconditionally accept you where you are?
  • ·         Will walk with you through your problems toward wellness?
  • ·         Assures your confidentiality?
  • ·         Is professionally educated to address your individual situation? I earned two degrees from the University of Florida, a Top 5 US Counselor Training Program.
  • ·         Understand that you have been suffering long enough and won’t make you wait weeks for an appointment? I will get you in for your first session within 2 business days.


Common problems I treat in my practice:

  • ·         Feeling overwhelmed, emotional with anxiety and/or depression
  • ·         Relationship problems with spouse, coworkers or friends
  • ·         Recovery from relationship that ended without closure and ability to forward with life
  • ·         Teens who are having difficulty adjusting to the drama and rapid changes in their life
  • ·         Anger and frustration that just seems to be there ready to boil over
  • ·         Physical and emotional responses to traumatic events including PTSD
  • ·         Job stress especially with emergency response (fire, police, EMS, military)
  • ·         Women who are struggling with life transitions


Treatment is designed individually to

  • ·         Identify specific issues and triggers that stimulate the issue
  • ·         Develop incremental goals to promote and measure progress
  • ·         Encourage success through personal effort, participation and even homework at times
  • ·         Update goals and treatment plans as we go along
  • ·         Support to help you maintain your progress following achievement of goals


Fees & Forms of Payment:

  • ·         Rates:

o   Initial evaluation and treatment planning $150

o   Individual, couple, family 55-60 min session $120

o   Discount for self-pay due to reduced administrative costs

  • ·         Self payment with cash, check or credit card
  • ·         Insurance – I am in-network for most major insurance carriers. If you choose to use your plan, please contact your customer service number on the back of your card for information about deductibles, copays, etc. so that you will know what to expect your part of the payment will be.


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