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  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
  • 720 8th Ave North, St. Cloud, Minnesota, 56303
  • Phone: (320) 828-3487
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  • Session Fees: $75 to $130 per hour (sliding fee available)

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I have been a licensed therapist for 20 years working with adolescents and adults in school, residential and outpatient settings. 
I offer Brainspotting, a brain based method of accessing and healing trauma which was discovered by David Grand, an EMDR therapist.  I also offer Trauma Focussed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

I practice and teach mindfulness, mind body skills and moment to moment awareness of the power of thought to create and make real for us the story that we believe about our life.  These skills are very effective in relieving anxiety, depression, anger issues and reducing the stress that contributes to other health conditions.
I believe that we each are wise and have access to the information that is needed for us at this moment in our lives.  It is our preoccupation with our current story about the past and the future that interferes with our ability to see clearly. I use an integrative model of mental health that understands the symptoms to be invitations to self correct and grow into a more balanced and contented human being.
I will be beginning a Mind Body Skills group in summer of 2019.   The group is experiential and teaches methods of stress reduction, mindfulness, accessing our intuition and self care. I am certified with the Center for Mind Body Medicine and the group follows their model.  Days and times are yet to be determined so let me know of your interest and availability.
I am a mother of two young adults and have divorced and remarried. I love to read, paint, draw, throw pottery, cross country ski, hike and do yoga.


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