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  • Registered Social Worker
  • 58 Russel Drive, Bradford, Ontario, L3Z 0M9
  • Phone: 905 775 7979
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  • Session Fees: $135 per hour. Where circumstances warrant, fees can be adjusted. Just ask.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, Webcam

I salute your courage as you come here looking for the help that will make a difference right now.
In my work with individuals, couples and families, I see beyond the problems. I see people wanting to change, wanting to be better human beings, wanting to form more fulfilling connections, wanting to create happier families.
I hear people wanting to remove the barriers that keep them from providing more for their loved ones on every level.

Here’s how I can help:
I will support and inspire you to make the changes your current difficulties demand. I will respond to you with compassion, gentleness, patience and insight.
Our every interaction is designed to restore you, your relationship or your family to a state of wholeness.
Think of me as your travelling companion - a guide along a perilous stretch of the road.
What my clients say ..............
You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for the guidance and insight you bring to my life.
LL, Owen Sound, ON
I wanted to thank you once again for helping my husband and me to refocus on our marriage… We are both grateful each day for all that you did to help us and have commented often that had we not met you, we may not be together enjoying our daughter today… So, thank you, thank you, thank you… from the bottom of my heart I thank you.
DM, Aurora, ON

You have a great gift of seeing deeply into the truths and wounds of others… I have received so much insight and guidance from you in our short time together. I feel your genuine care for my well-being and it is so healing to me.
You are a wellspring of encouragement and hope to me.
You mirror my own inner wisdom and connect me to very deep places in my psyche.
ZP, North York, Ontario

Even though we only had an hour with you, I feel we gained better insight into each other… something I desperately needed to have before our marriage in a few weeks.
HS, Thornhill, ON

Linda is a very empathic, knowledgable and effective therapist. She has a very soothing and calming disposition giving off a positive vibe that I take away with me into my personal life.
JF, Toronto, ON

I want to let you know the impact our conversations have had on my life and career and to thank you for your role in the changes that I have implemented. Our conversations represented a major turning point for me and allowed me to start to emerge from the rut I had gotten myself into. In particular, I appreciate how you encouraged me to articulate my feelings / opinions. The most profound aspect of the experience for me was hearing myself give you those answers and feeling like I was ultimately B-S-ing myself.
As a result of my work with you, I have decided to stop using marijuana for casual use at home. I also felt that this was another tether that was holding me back… That decision allowed me to reevaluate my priorities.
Once again I want to let you know that I am incredibly grateful for the role that you played in opening my eyes to the truth of my circumstances.
JA, Calgary, AB

Things have gotten so much better I can hardly believe it. My son is very much back on track and off drugs. Thanks so much for your help.
KO, Richmond Hill, ON

What a wonderful therapist you were for my daughter. She is doing much better now after her tragic loss.
SG, Richmond Hill, ON

Count me among your fans.
DK, Mississauga, ON

I would be very fortunate indeed if my mother was like you. You have, over the years, managed to close many wounds that my mother had inflicted. You have also helped repair the severe damage she inflicted on my sense of self-worth. Every chance you had over the last 13 years we have worked together, you have given me gentle guidance. You often told me that I am a good and caring person and most of all you told me I am a person worthy of being loved and that being approving of myself is loving myself.
You have guided me and allowed me to see myself with my own eyes and not with my mother’s critical and disapproving eyes. You gave me the permission to protect myself from abuse by giving me back my sense of self-preservation.
You have a good and kind heart and you found a way to speak to my heart and soul by speaking to me in the way you know I would want my mother to speak to me. Your patient is cured.
RL, Hearst, ON

I want to express my appreciation for the time you spent with me.
I found your fusion of spirituality and therapy fascinating. The pursuit of a contentment with the present is very valuable in lieu of the constant presence of “marriage as salvation”. Furthermore, it is refreshing to see someone who has accomplished the end which I am pursuing.
DG, Toronto, ON


My professional qualifications include:
  • a Master of Social Work degree (with distinction), Wilfrid Laurier Universitya registered member the Ontario College of Social Workers
  • certification as an Imago Therapist (marital therapy)
  • certification in Relational Life Therapy(candidate)membership in the Ontario Association of Social Workers
  • a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, University of Toronto

My training and experience include:
  • private practice since 1993
  • an internship at Humber River Regional Hospital Community Mental Health Clinic
  • a second internship in individual, relationship and group counselling at Family Services York Region
  • a two year mentorship with Dr. Larry Kopman, registered psychologist and leading Toronto instructor of individual and group counselling as well as the transpersonal psychologies
  • regular participation in professional development seminars in order to maintain currency with new developments in my field
  • over 20 years of study of yoga, meditation and Zen Buddhist practices

My Specialties include:
  • MBSR -- mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • holistic approaches to wellness
  • relationship coaching
  • help for those facing a life-threatening illness
  • coaching for parents
  • fertility coaching
  • grief, bereavement, loss
  • surviving separation/divorce
  • guiding you to an enlightened relationship to the human experience  


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