Lindsey Arrasmith, MSW, LWSAIC, SUDP

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I believe that change is more than possible, it is probable, with the right support.

I am determined to help people navigate the moments of trauma and emotional pain in their lives with the utmost compassion. My commitment is to bring my best self, to build trust in me and my skills. With those in place, I know we can journey together and develop your toolbox of emotional skills to ease and end the pain of  trauma, anxiety, depression, and whatever life events bring you to me. My goal is to bring my expertise, training and adaptable skills and blend them with the uniqueness of you. 

I started my career working with adults and adolescents during some of their lowest moments of experiencing very fragile mental health. Working at inpatient treatment facilities and outpatient clinics, I have immense compassion for people who find themselves in this very vulnerable state, so often due to trauma. For this reason, I decided to specialize in trauma work and sought out further training to offer the best care.

As I delved deeper in working with trauma I realized I was missing a piece in my training. My clients came from situations where they were genuinely trying to develop coping skills to help themselves. In searching for a means to cope, they often turned to an external substance to meet their need. I saw the implicit tie between trauma and addiction. I came to see that the real gateway drug, is trauma. With this observation, I furthered my training by earning credentialing as a SUDP  (Substance Use Dependency Professional).

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