Lindsey Arrasmith, MSW, LWSAIC, SUDP

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I believe that change is more than possible, it is probable, with the right support.


I can help adults with:

·      Anxiety

·      Depression

·      PTSD

·      Trauma

·      Addiction



Benefits of therapy with Lindsey include:

·      Increasing coping skills for depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and/or addiction

·      More self-confidence and empowerment

·      Positive change

How Lindsey uses different therapies to help

·      To help you navigate present or past challenges in a safe and supportive environment.

·      Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): to help you to become aware of unhelpful patterns.

·      Lifespan Integration (LI) to help break down internal silos.

·      Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to help increase mindfulness, interpersonal skills, and distress tolerance

·      Psychotherapy to engage in a discussion around how the past influences the present.



·      $150 per 50-minute session. In network with Premera. Client is responsible for confirming network coverage with insurance company. Billing department can provide a bill to submit to insurance company if out of network. Out of network/cash rate is $100/session.



·      Telehealth for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19. We will meet via a secure link.



·      Master’s in Social Work (MSW) through Simmons College

·       Masters Certificate in Addition Studies through Eastern Washington University


If you are tired of feeling like you're walking in a fog, not feeling like you used to. If you're feeling ready to have someone to talk & are exhausted from what you have been through in the past. If you are ready to break free and learn to cope with these painful emotions, I can help you.


Together, we can find healing and relief from the distress and pain you are in. One of my favorites, Lifespan Integration Therapy helps you clear out the old patterns of thinking, memories and body sensations so you can experience true relief. An old memory should be just that, an old memory. Lifespan helps to feel more at ease within ones own body, more integrated.


It can be quite difficult to reach out for help. If you've experienced painful anxiety or symptoms of trauma for a long time, healing can seem like a myth, especially during COVID-19. Thankfully it is not. Together we will work to shift out of the old painful patterns and into new empowered ones. Please, schedule an appointment today and let's work together to move you to the place you want to be.



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