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Lisa Skelding
Couple & Sexual Therapist
“…To enrich, restore or discover a better connection with the people who matter most.”
Clinical Approach
Lisa is a registered Clinical Social Worker for over 30 years and also a Certified  Emotionally Focused (EFT) Couple Therapist, Sex Therapist and is an EFT Supervisor.
Lisa provides a warm, accepting, creative, and interactive environment in the hope of fostering a safe haven of support and comfort as clients begin to process and resolve distressing issues in therapy. Lisa works collaboratively with clients in order to set attainable short and longer-term therapy goals.
Clinical Services
Couple Therapy: Couples in crisis, cancer survivorship, affairs, communication/conflict resolution, parenting issues, intimacy, mental/physical illness/distress, work-career stress, grief/loss, spousal abuse/violence and life stage changes.
Sex Therapy (Couple and/or Individual):
Cancer and sexuality, body/self-image, low sexual desire, arousal difficulties, dissatisfaction, painful intercourse, erectile and orgasm difficulties, infertility struggles and dealing with childhood history of physical, sexual and/or emotional harm.

Professional Experience
Lisa has practiced clinical social work since 1988 in a variety of both public and private sectors in: Thunder Bay, Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto and Oakville, and as of 2019 in Collingwood Ont. Positions held over the last 30 years include: Medical Social Work, Child Welfare, Employee Assistance Programs, Couple Therapy, EFT Supervision, Sexual Medicine, An Online Gynecological/Cancer Support Group, Offered Community Seminars, Hospital Grand Rounds, and teaching University online Sexual Health and Cancer courses. Lisa has published a number of blogs for called the “Side Effect No One Talks About.  

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