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Do you feel anxious, worried or stressed-out? Have you found it more difficult to make decisions, plan your day, or organize your thoughts? Maybe your overwhelmed by a new job, busy family life, or just feel like you can't keep up with everyday life demands. You find yourself longing for a vacation or long weekend but when you come home from a trip nothing really seems to improve. You feel stuck and lose motivation. Your relationships begin to suffer and you begin to feel really tired of it all. 
What would it feel like to regain your motivation? To find meaning, direction, and purpose in your life. How would your experiences change? Would your relationship with yourself and others improve? 
It is possible to find purpose and even a sense of peace in your life. Our modern world is filled with distractions (social media, phones, video games, etc.) which can derails us pretty quick and often people are left feeling empty and directionless. 
At Center for Mental Health and Wellness, I work with people much like yourself who are looking for a sense of calm and peace in their everyday life. I will be honest with you, it takes work to get there but it is possible. When you feel centered, focused, and authentic you don't want to go back to feeling distracted and stressed out.
There are many different therapists out there and many different types of therapies. My clinical approach focuses on creating a judgement free, safe place for my patients to get support, share their story, and implement change. I have use several therapeutic tools, techniques, and strategies that are evidence-based to increase the likelihood of optimal results. I will work with you to develop a treatment plan that works and that is in alignment with your goals. 
I have both a doctorate in psychology and master's degree in counseling. As a mental health provider, I have worked in various settings such as community outpatient, hospital, school, forensics, and primary care settings. I help people who have anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, ADHD, family conflict, and relationships issues along other presenting concerns. 
In addition to individual therapy, I can provide psychological testing. I provide psychological evaluations for ADHD, cognitive concerns, memory issues, academic matters, employment, and preoperative assessment.
To learn more about me and my work, visit our website You can schedule an appointment with me online today. 

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