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Liz Christie is dedicated to offering Play and Attachment Therapy to her community. She is a registered Psychotherapist for children and their families in the Niagara Region. She is the owner of Playful Solutions.  Liz has graduate level training in Psychology, Child Development, Play Therapy, Theraplay, Childhood trauma and Applied Behaviour Analysis. She has a professional membership with the Canadian Association for Play Therapy, the Ontario Association for Psychotherapy and is a registered member of the College of Psychotherapist in Ontario. She also holds a clinical position at Family First Play Therapy Centre, and is the Therapeutic leader for the Play-Based Therapy program at Wellspring Niagara.
Liz Christie provides a warm and safe therapeutic environment for the development of a strong trusting relationship, which is necessary to create meaningful change in your child's life. She safely guides her client’s through the healing process by providing the necessary Prescriptive Play for a client to effectively express themselves. Playful Solutions uses Therapeutic puppetry, story telling, sandtray/worldplay, games and art modalities. Play relies on themes and metaphors for your child to problem solve and process their feelings, and Liz to gauge their progress and safely guide them through their therapeutic journey. 
Liz Christie knows that some ages respond better to direct communication when processing their big feelings. Talk therapy is a theraputic modality frequently used by Liz Christie, which involves connecting with a client through a concious conversation. Talk therapy allows children, adolescents and teens to be provided with new perspectives, coping strategies and problem solving through the use of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and evidence based Cognitive Behavioural Play Therapy techniques. Liz also offers Attachment Therapy for established families, newly adopted families and families with young children who require co-regulation through their parents.
Liz has experience working with children, adolescents and teens in foster care and newly adoptive families. She also works with children of varying developmental levels, including ASD, ADHD and FASD. Liz is specialized in using Attachment Therapy and Play Therapy techniques to help children of all ages heal. She is qualified to offer emotionally focused Play and Attachment therapy for children and families dealing with behaviour and relationship struggles.  
Liz Christie will meet with parents first, to complete an intake. Liz will communicate if a family assessment is necessary, called the Marshak Interaction Method, or if clinical sessions with your child will begin after the intake. Parents are active in their child's therapeutic experience, when working with Liz. Parents will be involved in part or all of their child's Play sessions. Liz currently practices in client homes, which will change to a clinic setting in May 2017. 

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