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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right” – Henry Ford

Lizbeth Gonzalez believes that there is nothing that cannot be changed by a person if they commit themselves to change. Anything that people are not enjoying or liking about their lives, or what they are going through with family members, is changeable and can ultimately become a permanent, positive change in their life.

Lizbeth enjoys working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families, and is determined to help people regain hope in any kind of situation that may be present in their lives. She helps her clients stay focused, have determination, be and give greatness, and be patient while being in therapy so her clients can go out and feel comfortable and confident that they are able to grow away from therapy as well.  All she asks is for people to come in a have a desire to change what they are seeing that they don’t want in their life, and to have a vision of what they want because this is the first step people need to take to change their life.  She does this by listening and providing a safe space for each person to be able to overcome any mental, emotional, behavioral, or situational problem.

Lizbeth helps her clients defeat anxiety, depression, or substance abuse issues they may be experiencing, and helps her clients with anything that they might want to improve in life and that they feel that it is interfering with their ability to have an enjoyable, hopeful, and fulfilling life. Lizbeth will be there for her clients. She is dependable, reliable and outgoing. Lizbeth is open to each and every one of her clients that even though she is a Mental Health Professional she is also human just like everyone else, and never to close to being perfect.
Lizbeth is also bilingual.  She enjoys getting to know her clients very well and be able to help relieve the pain and struggle that they are going through in life. Being able to be there and get to know her clients is a must for Lizbeth. She enjoys getting to know her clients and  allowing them to discover what each of them is capable of overcoming with just a little push, and support as well as implementing determination, greatness, patience, and also holding her clients accountable in staying focused in what they wish to accomplish. 

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