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Are you happy & fulfilled in your personal & professional life?  Do you regularly feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or depressed?  Do you worry about things in life you are unsure how to solve or change?  While challenging, know if you answered yes to any of these questions there are clinically proven solutions available that can provide you with the knowledge, tools, skills & resources to help you work through those barriers so you can live your best life.
My name is Lori Corrigan & I am passionate about helping people to feel better & live healthier lives. I have 20 years of experience working with youth, adults, parents, families & community & business organizations to help them learn, heal & grow in the many different aspects of their lives - mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, educationally, occupationally.  Know there are proven strategies out there to help so you don't have to feel overwhelmed, chronically stressed, unhappy, unhealthy or unfulfilled one more day.
I facilitate individual, group & family counseling as well as workshops & presentations for businesses & community organizations. My area of expertise lies in strengthening mental, physical, social, emotional & occupational health. I treat anxiety, depression, mood disorders, social (family - relationship) & life-wellness health issues.  I meet people where they are at & work together with them to help them achieve their goals.  
I provide my clients with an open, safe & non-judgmental environment to address important life issues.  I offer support, motivation, guidance, education, empowerment & clinically proven strategies to help people, families & organizations realize improved health and well being.  I utilize cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapeutic interventions (CBT and DBT) that involve mindfulness living & eating skill training which is clinically proven to help people manage stress, lose weight, increase mental focus & emotion regulation, reduce blood pressure, strengthen immune system functioning & enhance overall life functioning.      
I help my clients to explore & understand thoughts, feelings & behaviors - strengthen coping, communication & problem solving skills - develop self-awareness, mindset & motivation.  I utilize both traditional talk therapy as well as more hands-on clinical strategies such as experiential, creative arts & animal assisted therapies because we are all unique beings & respond to differently to varying techniques. 
I believe that life is a precious gift that comes with challenges and we all need support and understanding at one time or another.  I am here to help you in any way I can so please do contact me today for a free phone consultation so we can chat about how I might be able to help you improve the quality & health of your life & help you achieve your hopes & dreams. 

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