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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Spokane, Washington, 99209
  • Phone: 253-347-2579
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  • Session Fees: $100-150 per session
  • www.lorikimmerlytherapy.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and love the concept of "looking for the helpers", so much so that I became one.  We all need help at times and I really enjoy working with individuals and couples in transition. The couple relationship is the most important one in our lives and when we have stress in this relationship, it can be overwhelming. I specialize in intimacy and connection issues with specialized training in both emotionally focused therapy and sex therapy. I love to be able to help couples find their way back to one another! I try to help people (re)discover what is important to them and how to prioritize those things without giving up themselves or people they love. 
I worked for a gynecologist's office for a year with a specialization in women's health.  I'm passionate about supporting women in their self care and development over the lifespan.  Whether you're a teenager, young adult woman or at the the point of menopause, how we care for ourselves and remain healthy is vitally important.  I try to help you attain your best self without feeling like you're being "selfish" (I hear this a lot).  We work togther on putting the oxygen mask on YOU instead of everyone else on the plane, in case of an emergency.
Some of my other experiences and specialties include:
 ·Developmental transitions for women (finishing college, getting new job, having children, marriage or remarriage, launching children, etc)
·Anxiety and depression for both men and women and how to cope 

·Recovering from trauma (PTSD, using EMDR as a modality for recovery)
Benefits of therapy with me include: 
 ·Attachment lens of your relationships
·Understanding why you respond or react the way you do in a deeper way
·Developing and working on/toward healthy self care

·Processing trauma as needed using resourcing, EMDR and talk therapy
Therapy modalities include: 
 ·Emotionally Focused therapy (with couples and individuals)
·Attachment focus (from our family of origin and beyond)
·Family therapy lens (how our family influences the way we partner, parent and develop)

·Mindfulness and visualization (to cope with emotional challenges in life)
·EMDR (or reprocess trauma and difficulty)
·$90 for 50 minute individual session
·$150 for 75 minute couples/family sessions

Location:Telehealth only : doxy.me/lorkim15

Phone: 253-347-2579

·Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, Seattle Pacific Undiversity, 2008 
·Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, state of Washington, since 2010, LF 60172540 ·Completion of Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship and Core Skills 2016/2017
·EMDR basic training completed, 2019

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