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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • 2047 Locust St., Suite 4, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19103
  • Phone: 215-995-3156
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  • Session Fees: Private pay rate is $85 - $110 per hour sesion (sliding scale). Contact me directly with questions about my rates. You may also check out my Rates landing page at: http://copebetter.com/rates/ for bundle packages. Accepting Highmark Blue Shield.
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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by my page. Therapy can be intimidating. I know because there are times in my life when I reached out for extra support and felt really scared about it.  Being vulnerable with another person is generally not comfortable. At my practice I offer a warm and confidential environment for you.
I work collaboratively with each of my clients, ensuring you feel not only heard, but understood. I work very hard to create a space where you can feel free to be you without judgement or fear.
People seek therapy for different reasons. Whatever your reason, know that I will listen and do my best to help. If you feel overwhelmed, my office is your place to talk about it. I am a strong believer that symptoms like worry, tearfulness, sleeplessness, fatigue, anger, sadness, restlessness, confusion and self-doubt do not occur in a vacuum.  Generally, there is a build up of stress or trauma that exacerbates difficult feelings and ultimately deadens resiliency.
Event related stress such as getting married, learning about an affair, receiving a cancer diagnosis, coping with a chronic health issue, questioning identify, having a difficult job and/or experiencing the loss of someone close to you can exacerbate normal human emotion and coping.
No matter your reason(s) for seeking therapy at this time in your life, I am here to listen, provide a confidential and safe environment and work with you. In session I draw on several approaches, and after getting to you know you better I will have a better understanding of what techniques might work for you.
I have 15 years experience working with adults coping through major life change. Feel less overwhelmed and find balance by scheduling your first appointment today.

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