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 NEW ANSWERS COUNSELING can help you with
. the stresses of your life and work that keep you from health and well-being.
. the increased demands of your job responsibilities.
. the difficulties of being able to work positively with your colleagues in your work environment. 
. the difficulties of developing relationships and friendships based on respect and love.
. the questions you may have about a career change or other transitions to create more satisfaction. 
. the struggles you are having to find a balance with your own goals and the support of other family members.
. the challenges to make innovative choices for the future success of your company.
. the difficulties you are having in finding hope and happiness after the loss of a loved one. 
. the process of using Universal Spiritual Goals in your life such as gratitude and respect for self and others. 
. the process of learning to let go of obsessive self-judgements and perfectionism. 
. the process of learning how to value yourself instead of looking to others for your sense of success.
. the process of exploring your strengths and liabilities to give you confidence to give you new skills for success.
. the process of learning skills to create success with teams and colleagues with new conversational skills.
 New Answers Counseling is a step-by-step supportive process to help you improve your self-awareness about your
strengths and liabilities. This then gives you the confidence you need to confront any current or future challenges.
I began my practice as a licensed clinical therapist in 1985 because I had developed a treatment philosophy and a deep belief that no matter what your challenges, doubts and fears, you are capable of finding new answers.
I have a unique, long history of advanced trainings in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strength-based Positive Psychology, Universal Spiritual Concepts and Professional and Life Coaching Skills. I continue to train and update my skills in order to use the latest research to help you find solutions to your personal and professional challenges.
Along with my history of advanced trainings and professional experience; I personally went through many challenges, career changes and losses over the years. Thus, I have a deep understanding and compassion for your problems. This inspires me to support you to build your strengthens and courage to take steps to accomplish new health, success and fulfillment. I look forward to working with you to help you find new answers.

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