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I am trained as a verbal therapist but specialize in creative work blending guided imagery and music, counseling techniques, EMDR, mindfulness and mandala-making into my psychotherapy practice.  This allows me join with you in creating the therapeutic experience that best suits your needs and covers the most ground each time we meet. The non-verbal aspects allow you to know and appreciate yourself at a deeper level, gain insight into how you work within, interact with others, and find solutions that come from your own wisdom.

Training: I'm an LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor), MT-BC (Board-Certified Music Therapist, FAMI (Facilitator of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, and am EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming) trained. I've done extensive study in mindfulness, stress reduction, tapping and mandala techniques as well.  These specialties allow me to work creatively and synthesize what I know to move you towards where you want to be.

You Might See Me Because You:
  • Are having a crisis
  • Are feeling depressed or anxious
  • Have experienced trauma, abuse or loss
  • Are struggling with a medical diagnosis, including cancer
  • Are stressed or burned out
  • Are dealing with life changes
  • Are suffering with self-esteem issues or desire more self-compassion
  • Have been in therapy before and want to try working creatively
  • Want to gain an understanding of yourself
  • Need help dealing with work or personal relationships
Working With Me: I love working with creative types, business creatives, artists, those who are guided by music or are energy sensitive. Creative methods access your creative spirit, brings the nonverbal component into the process and opens new possibilities for the future.  I consider neuroplasticity (the ability for you to change your brain and thus your life) to be a tool that can stop unwanted behaviors or patterns of thinking that have become a default for you - such as anxiety.  It is truly mind over matter! Knowing yourself helps you understand how the world works and how you can work with your challenges.

It takes courage to come into therapy; how do you choose who to work with?  I recommend a free 15 minute phone consultation to share your challenges, discuss details of how we might work together and to feel how we connect with each other. It can be stressful or upsetting to admit that you need help to move through your struggles but if you take the time to find that help and come to therapy ready to work, it can be a transformative experience.
Why Imagery? Why Creative Work?
Your thinking has everything to do with how you feel - it defines your inner environment and often how your day goes.  Images are how your thoughts are shown to you; they include memories, emotions, all your senses including what you see, hear, taste,smell and feel in a physical sense and well as what you imagine in every way.  You experience the world around you in a unique way which blends with what you already know inside.  Working to improve the way you image (think) or to release images from the past can be the change you seek. It's a straight-ahead way to work that goes beyond words and can yield results faster because it's strength-based and often symbolizes your inner world in a way that's hard to express in words.  It can help you realize the richness that lies within you.  As your therapist, I am committed to help you find your way. 

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