Lovette Ego, PhD, LCPC, BCPC, BCCC, CTPC,

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  • Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor: Board Certified Addiction Recovery Specialist : Board Certified Christian Counselor: Board Certified Death & Grief Counselor: Certified Temperament Pastoral Counselor
  • 2775 Cruse Road, Suite 101, Lawrenceville, Georgia, 30044
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      2775 Cruse Road, 101
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  • Phone: 678 615 2114
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  • Session Fees: a session last for 55 minutes; $90 - $140

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Dr. Lovette Ego is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Board-Certified
Addiction Recovery Specialist, Board Certified Death and Grief Counselor, Board Certified Integrated Family &
Marriage Counselor, Board Certified Christian Counselor, Board Certified Pastoral Counselor. Her experience includes working with women, Men, and adolescents. Other specialization includes: Alcohol and substance Abuse, Individual and Group, Anger Management, Women Issues, Dual disorders, Co-dependency, and Temperament Therapy, and Couples Therapy, Infidelity. She is an ordained minister, been in Christian counseling for over 10 years, and worked in mental health for over 20 years. She is devoted to providing empathy, respect, and care to help you through life' issues. Dr. Ego is a licensed/ordained Minister, and Prayer is part of therapy.

 DR. Ego’s specialization can help with: 
   Alcohol Abuse
  Anger Management
  Antisocial Personality
  Behavioral Issues
  Chronic Relapse
  Coping Skills
  Couple's Issues
  Drug Abuse
  Dual Diagnosis
  Emotional Disturbance
  Family Conflict
  Peer Relationships
  Relationship Issues
  Self Esteem
  Substance Abuse
  Suicidal ideation
  Women's Issues
  Mood Disorders
  Personality Disorders
  Thinking Disorders
 Dr. Ego uses these Treatment Approach to help:
  Christian Counseling
  Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
  Motivational Interviewing
  Solution Focused Brief (SFBT)
  12 Steps
  Christian Bible
  APS (Temperament Profile)  
Some of the benefits of therapy with Dr. Ego are:
 ·  More self-confidence and empowerment
 ·  Overcoming depression and anxiety – talk about how past influences the present and the choices you make.
 ·  Improving communication with spouse – work together to help you communicate better and  more effectively.
 ·  To help with a current crisis in a comfortable, warm, safe place without judgment.
 ·  Help you deal with current situations, and free self from unhelpful patterns by setting and working toward goals.
 ·  Use of APS  –  Unlike what a personality test does and can change throughout a person’s life, the APS identifies a person’s inborn temperament. The book of Psalms 139 speaks of it as our “Inmost being”.
       This Christian counseling tool will help you learn to operate out of your God-given temperament strengths and walk in the Spirit as you realize who you are in Christ.  
                        With God, nothing is impossible, so give Dr. Ego a call and get on the road to restoration.​

   Her Alma Maters & Professional Affiliations include:

       ​Grand Canyon University, Arizona
       University of Maryland, University College, College Park Maryland
        Colorado Theological Seminary, Colorado

       American Association of Christian Counselors – AACC Presidential member
       National Christian Counseling Association – NCCA Professional Clinical member
       Georgia Christian Counselors Association – GCCA
       American Association of Pastoral Counselors - AAPC


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