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  • Do you often feel frustrated or concerned about your child's behaviour? 
  • Are you worried about your teen? 
  • Are you experiencing a growing distance or conflict between members of your family?
  • Are issues from your past impacting you today?
  • Is stress and worry taking over your life?
  • Is a serious life change making day-to-day issues challenging?

These are the areas, along with many others, that I have the expertise to successfully help people with -- reaching out can make all the difference. I have all the standard education and skills of a typical counsellor/ psychotherapist with the extra training, skills and experience to support children, youth, families and couples. 
About Me
I have been working in supportive counselling roles for many years because I have a genuine interest in helping others and a natural curiosity about human nature. I am both a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Play Therapist having completed my graduate studies in 2009 in Counselling Psychology. Since completing my masters degree, I have worked as a psychotherapist in a local nonprofit specializing in child, youth and families struggling with family abuse and sexual abuse trauma. I have experience supporting families members dealing with someone with mental illness, parenting children and teens with serious behavioural difficulties, as well as supporting people through divorce and separation. I am also an experienced group facilitator which helps me to work effectively with couples and families. I have facilitated pre-marriage workshops, as well as several different parenting and high risk teen groups.
I was an Executive Director for a regional children's charity and a frontline caseworker prior to my career as a psychotherapist. I have two grown children and a husband of more than 27 years. 
Therapy Models 
I have taken Advanced Gottman Couples and attachment-based therapies training that are designed to improve communication and relationships between couples and family members. I have extensive training in creative and expressive therapies as well as newer cognitive behavioural therapies that use mindfulness-based concepts such as Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT). I have worked for some time with trauma and therefore have accumulated a variety of methods to successfully and safely treat PTSD or past developmental trauma and losses. I use Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) a brief (compared to traditional therapy), client-centred, structured method for effectively reducing the emotional distress from emotionally or physically painful events that have occurred. 
I approach emotional problems differently from many therapists. Instead of learning to manage difficult feelings better, I encourage people to examine why the feeling is there and how it may act to protect a person so we can choose to do something differently by using the tools and strategies developed in sessions. Anger, anxiety, sadness and all the other challenging emotions are telling us something. If we can understand the purpose of the emotion and how it affects us, it does not have to hold power over us. This can free us up to make different choices about how we react to thoughts and feelings. These behaviour choices should be guided by who we want to be in the world. It is this values-driven approach that can support long-term change. So change can happen with a combination of knowing ourselves and the active decision to do things differently based on what is most important to us. This results in new, more positive experiences reinforcing the change you are looking for.   

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