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We believe that each individual have their own needs and understand that the same approach doesn’t work for everyone. An individual’s treatment needs are determined by a multitude of factors and this information is imperative to ensure an individualized and proper treatment plan is put into place for the most comprehensive care possible.

Whether you are in need of Substance Abuse or Dual-Diagnosis Treatment services, we begin your treatment by completing a full BioPsychoSocial Assessment of your historical and current Biological, Psychological and Social (Environmental) factors that have impacted your life.

So what does that mean? This will provide us with information on your previous experiences and current needs, which will then help to set the roadmap of what your needs and goals are and determine how we can best accommodate them in order to help you succeed.

During treatment, our staff of qualified and thoroughly-trained Master’s Level Clinicians and Substance Abuse Case Managers will provide groups and education on: 
Mental health
Emotion Regulation
Distress Tolerance
Health and Nutrition
Life Skills
Interview Skills
Communication Skills
Healthy Boundaries and Relationships
Attachment Styles
anger management
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Sex and Love Addiction
Cognitive Behavioral 
Recovery Support
Relapse Prevention 

Our goal is to provide our client’s with all the skills sets and education they need to live a healthy, sober life and provide them with every tool possible so they can “take what they like and leave the rest” and find what works for them while also learning a variety of evidence-based approaches that have been shown to be effective

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