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My clinical approach is to focus on a person's strengths while resolving problems.  I often hear people say that their decision to seek therapy is due to feeling weak or out of control. I disagree - I believe that this decision is a sign of strength and commitment to making positive changes.  I also believe that the relationship that we establish is a key element in creating change.  It is essential for a therapist and client to have a "good fit" for therapy to be successful.
I strive to create an environment that is safe, welcoming, and nonjudgmental.  Confidentiality is a given, and I have great respect for those that I work with.  
I have been in private practice for twenty years.  I earned my MSW at Catholic University, where I now have an adjunct professorship. I teach clinical techniques and psychopathology in the MSW program. I completed my doctorate degree in 2006 through the Clinical Social Work Institute.   This was a four year program that provided advanced clinical training.  It also taught psychological theory and practice, as well as therapeutic methods such as family dynamics, group therapy, and individual techniques.  Since earning my PhD, I have trained in hypnosis and am an EMDR practitioner.
During your first session, we will discuss the core issues that brought you in, as well as goals for therapy.  I always take a thorough history, so that I can truly understand each person that I work with.  This lays the groundwork for therapy and allows me to assess where a client is coming from.  Once this history is complete, I focus on the here and now. I use a psychodynamic approach and rely on Cognitive Behavioral techniques.  I also strive to be a good listener.  It is my job to guide each client with objectivity as opposed to telling a client what to do. My areas of expertise include trauma, obesity, grief and loss, life transitions, chronic illness and mood disorders.  I also work with personality disorders.  I work with people from age 13 through late adulthood. 
The benefits of therapy can include overcoming personal obstacles, increasing self esteem, finding a stronger sense of self, and gaining clarity about issues in life.  It can also help to overcome depression and anxiety.  I feel strongly that everyone deserves to have a happy, healthy life, lived with dignity and respected by others.  I welcome the opportunity to help my clients reach their goals.

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